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Comparing Options for Rapid Turn / Immediate Use Sterilization

Surgical procedures do not always go as planned. An instrument arrives in the operating room (OR) with a tear in the sterile packaging, or a unique instrument is dropped, and the procedure cannot continue without it. Mistakes happen, and undeniably there are instances where a device needs to be reprocessed faster than normal… Read More

Hidden Cost of your Aging Washer

Your current "old faithful" washer/disinfector in sterile processing has worked great for years, but is it costing you more and more each year... Read More

Operating Room Sterilization: A Complete Guide to Air Quality

Global events have raised awareness about contamination in recent years, yet surgical site infections (SSI) remain the most common and costly of all hospital-acquired infections (HAI). An estimated 157,500 SSIs occur annually... Read More

The Importance of Perioperative Patient Warming

Too many patients experience some form of unplanned perioperative hypothermia in which their core body temperature drops below 96.8° F during surgery. A drop in core body temperature can lead to adverse patient outcomes such as myocardial events, infections, poor incision healing, postoperative pain, and increased blood loss... Read More

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