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Lithotomy Position Guide

Achieving a proper patient position while maintaining patient comfort and safety is key. When the patient is in the appropriate position, access to the surgical site is improved and the ability to perform the procedure is enhanced. To decrease the risk associated with patient positioning... Read More

What are Retained Surgical Items?

Retained surgical items (RSIs), sometimes referred to as retained foreign bodies or retained foreign objects (RFOs), are any instruments, tools, devices, or surgical gauze unintentionally left in the body cavity at the completion of a surgery or other procedure... Read More

Surgical Smoke Evacuation in the OR: Design, Implementation & Policy

Until the past few years, policies for smoke evacuation in the operating room have been left up to the discretion of the healthcare facility. That appears to be changing with...

Read More

Achieve 510(k) Clearance for Automated Cleaning Process for Select da Vinci Instruments

In 2018, FDA provided guidance around reprocessing instructions for reusable medical devices, which includes robotic surgical instruments. This FDA guidance outlined requirements for manufacturers... Read More

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