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Water Quality Medical Device Processing

Water is used to clean, disinfect, and sterilize millions of medical devices daily. Tap water isn't sufficient for all device processing steps. Quality water for processing instruments improves cleaning chemistry effectiveness, reduces corrosion/damage, and improves steam quality for sterilization... Read More

Gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding: Common Symptoms & Causes

Gastrointestinal bleeding is any bleeding that results from a medical disorder or severe condition of your digestive tract.1 The level of the bleeding present can vary and occur in the upper or lower GI tract. As there are various causes of GI bleeding and associated symptoms... Read More

Rapid-Read Biological Indicators

Rapid-read biological indicators (BIs) can improve productivity in the Sterile Processing Department (SPD) by keeping the process moving - especially when departments implement standardization and monitor every load. By enabling the release of the loads faster, a 20-minute rapid-read BI... Read More

What is a Medical Washer Disinfector?

A Medical Washer/Disinfector are a medical device used for automated cleaning of surgical instruments and work by combining impingement, water temperature, and detergent to clean heat-resistant and heat-sensitive devices... Read More

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