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Lithotomy Position Guide

Achieving a proper patient position while maintaining patient comfort and safety is key. When the patient is in the appropriate position, access to the surgical site is improved and the ability to perform the procedure is enhanced. To decrease the risk associated with patient positioning... Read More

Electrosurgery: What is it, How does it Work, and What are the Benefits?

The term electrosurgery refers to the use of high frequency, alternating electric current to produce heating in tissue. The heating can be used to achieve a desired tissue effect such as cutting, tissue ablation, desiccation, or a combination of effects.1 Electrosurgical units are commonly used in... Read More

Benefits of Cleaning Verification for Medical Devices

Cleaning verification helps to confirm if residual protein and soils are still present on a tested medical device after a completed cleaning process. Proteins are found in blood, body tissue, mucous, organs and virtually everywhere in the human body. They are the most common procedural soils found on instruments... Read More

What are Retained Surgical Items?

Retained surgical items (RSIs), sometimes referred to as retained foreign bodies or retained foreign objects (RFOs), are any instruments, tools, devices, or surgical gauze unintentionally left in the body cavity at the completion of a surgery or other procedure... Read More

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