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OR Integration for the Modern Operating Room

For many hospitals, Operating Room (OR) traffic control has rapidly transformed from being a long-term goal to an urgent need. The need to conserve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and limit exposure to infectious disease without compromising patient care or staff safety is now... Read More

Supine Position

Proper patient positioning  is an important part of ensuring that a surgical procedure is safe and effective. Determining a patient position for a procedure is determined from a preoperative assessment and is based on factors like type of procedure, length of procedure, patient’s ability to tolerate the procedure, exposure required by the surgical... Read More

Operating Theatre Design

From hospitals to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), the setting of a healthcare environment is important to the healing and wellbeing of patients, patient’s family and friends, and staff. From the waiting room to the Operating Room, visual appeal, efficiency, and cleanability all play a role in healthcare... Read More

Medical Equipment Compliance

Medical Equipment Compliance occurs when healthcare organizations complete all planned preventive maintenance activities on medical equipment on time. This can be achieved in one of two ways. The healthcare organization can be...

Read More

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