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Liquid Chemical Sterilization

Liquid Chemical Sterilization (LCS) is used to sterilize heat-sensitive, immersible medical devices. When a device is liquid chemically sterilized, it is completely immersed in a sterilant solution for a prescribed period of time at a controlled temperature and concentration of active solution. Validation of efficacy requires demonstration of... Read More

Operating Room Lighting

In the Operating Room (OR), it is imperative that the surgical team has high-quality lighting to accurately and consistently assess and interpret the status of the patient during surgery... Read More

What if One Chemical Indicator Fails?

Everything was done as expected – the devices went through decontamination, completed a successful washer and thermal disinfection cycle, and were inspected, prepared and packaged successfully following all steps outlined in the instrument tracking software... Read More

Guide to VHP Low Temp Sterilization

Tasks performed prior to sterilization have a big influence on the success of a sterilization process. Key steps taken during decontamination, preparation and packaging of materials for vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilization must be followed and it’s important to understand how these steps impact successful sterilization of... Read More

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