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The Evolution of Medical Imaging Displays

Medical displays that provide visualization of surgical procedures are vital to high-quality patient care. Medical display technology is advancing from High Definition to Ultra High Definition (4K). The most common 4K resolution in the medical field is... Read More

Pressure Relieving and Redistribution Devices

Patient positioning is vital in preventing tissue damage and pressure ulcers in the operating room. Proper patient positioning depends on the type and length of the procedure, anesthesia access to the patient, and the Pressure Relieving and Redistribution Devices... Read More

The Complete Guide to Patient Positioning

Patient positioning is vital to a safe and effective surgical procedure. STERIS surgical table accessories and support systems provide complete flexibility and versatility for patient positioning with excellent radiolucency and... Read More

What is Endoscope Reprocessing?

Endoscope processing is the process of cleaning and disinfecting reusable endoscopes before patient use. Due to the complex, intricate design, flexible and semi-rigid endoscopes should be handled properly to prevent damage, and device instructions for use (IFU) should be followed or proper reprocessing... Read More

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