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Endoscope Drying and Storage Cabinet Guidelines

Endoscopes are complex instruments with long, narrow channels that can be difficult to clean and prepare for next procedure. Helping prevent patient infections requires endoscope reprocessing after each use, following a process outlined by the device's instructions for use... Read More

Guide to Reprocessing Robotic Surgery Instruments

Robotic surgery, also called robot-assisted surgery (RAS), is performed using small devices attached to a larger robotic arm. These delicate and complex surgical instruments allow for smaller incisions, better vision, and... Read More

Guide to Sterilization of Flexible Endoscopes in Healthcare

Flexible endoscopes in healthcare are used in various medical procedures to diagnose and treat conditions such as reflux, ulcers, polyps, and other intestinal diseases... Read More

Guide to Ultrasonic Cleaning of Medical Devices: How Ultrasonics Work and More

Ultrasonic cleaners in hospitals provide an automated cleaning process for surgical instruments and support compliance with the manufacturer's instructions for use (IFUs) of those instruments. Many complex instruments have... Read More

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