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CMAX™ X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table

  • Large, unobstructed, 360° radiolucent imaging surface
  • Intuitive wireless control via Bluetooth-capable joystick control
  • Free-floating carbon fiber tabletop allows smooth, precise movements for fluoroscopy
  • Weight capacity up to 507 lbs (230 kg) accommodates a growing patient population
  • Easy adaptation of table extensions and specialty accessories for more effortless patient positioning


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Product Overview

The CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided surgical table is Hybrid Operating Room (OR) technology for the General OR, and is a premier choice for hospital and ambulatory surgery centers looking to expand image-guided and navigational capabilities. It is well suited for vascular & endovascular surgery, cardiac and thoracic surgery, but is also a highly desirable solution for neuro and neuro-spine surgery, ENT, orthopedics and ortho-spine, pain management, and other image-guided and surgical navigation procedures.

How the CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Works

The CMAX X-Ray is a mobile, non-integrated surgical table that brings the capabilities of image guidance and surgical navigation from a hybrid OR to the general OR. The table offers superior flexibility and convenience for surgeons and staff, to meet the increasing demand for image-guided surgeries and expectations of surgeons versed in image-guided surgical approaches.

The CMAX X-Ray table has an array of leading features that sets it apart from others on the market. View the Table Specifications section below for further electrical and mechanical details.

  • Greater imaging access: A small table base and column allows C-arm to be positioned close which results in a large anatomical imaging window. Excellent longitudinal, lateral, and diagonal tabletop stroke provides freedom in patient positioning and maximizes the imaging window.
  • Simple movement: One-piece, carbon fiber tabletop equipped with a ‘free-float’ allows the tabletop to be positioned quickly and intuitively.
  • Carbon fiber imaging surface: Large, unobstructed 360° imaging platform that can be expanded with tabletop extensions to accommodate taller patients.
  • Low tabletop height: Improved surgical staff ergonomics resulting from 26” minimum tabletop height – the lowest on the market.
  • Easy mobility: Lightweight design, large rotating wheels, and motorized table drive functionality makes for easier mobility of the table throughout the perioperative environment.
  • Damage resistant: Table base and column coverings made from ABS Plastic are designed to withstand frequent impact from imaging devices.
CMAX surgical table patient positioning

Why the CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table?

The free float tabletop means the surgeon has uninhibited control over direction and speed of the float, which is different than air-compressed float systems which can have vibrations that interfere with surgical intervention. The CMAX X-Ray also has a wireless Bluetooth control for use without interference of a cord and allows the surgeon to use it from behind x-ray shielding, lowering radiation exposure. Beyond its imaging capabilities, CMAX X-Ray offers versatility for multiple procedures giving hospitals and surgical centers one table for nearly every type of surgery.

CMAX vascular table


vascular and carotid on CMAX table

Vascular and Cartoid

gynecology and urology position of CMAX X-Ray

Gynecology and Urology

CMAX cardio thoracic procedure


neuro and spinal procedures on the CMAX surgical table

Neurosurgical and Spinal

neuro and ENT procedure with CMAX table

Neurosurgical and ENT

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Table Specifications

Electrical Characteristics

Feature Description
Main 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 420 VA Max 1
Protection Class 1 Type B
Batteries 2 x 12V 24ah Lead Sealed
Standalone Operation 1-2 weeks
Maximum Charge Time 12 hours
Charge/Discharge Indicator Mobile Base Bargraph & Hand Control
Liquid Ingress Rating IPX4

Mechanical Characteristics

Feature Description
Up/Down 41”/26” (stroke 14”) (1040 mm/660 mm/stroke 360 mm)
Left Tilt/Right Tilt 20° / 20 °
Trend/Rev Trend 30° / 30 °
Longitudinal Slide 0-27.5” (0-700 mm)
Lateral Slide 10” total; +5”/-5” (260mm total; +130mm/-130 mm)
Tabletop Length 79” (2000 mm) (excluding extensions)
Tabletop Width 20.4” (520 mm) 22” (560 including rails)
Off-load Table Weight 727.5 lbs (330 kg)
Patient Weight Capacity 507 lbs (230 kg)
Imaging Window (with extensions) 72” (1820 mm) total; 52” (1330 mm) allows 360° imaging
Imaging Window (without extensions) 59” (1500 mm) total; 39” (1000 mm) allows 360° imaging
Floor Clearance/Wheel Diameter 0.6” (16 mm)/3.9” (100 mm)
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CMAX X-Ray Accessories

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Radial AV Fistula Board

Radial AV Fistula Board – CMAX X-Ray

  • Constructed using carbon fiber to provide radiolucency
  • Uninterrupted fluoroscopic scan capabilities from the radial AV fistula to vena cava
  • Designed specifically for use with the CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table
  • Supports a weight capacity of 660 lbs.

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Catheter Extension

CMAX Catheter Extension

  • Convenient, translucent platform for catheter placement
  • Attaches to the CMAX X-Ray Table siderail via gravity latch
  • Does not support patient weight
  • Supports a Weight Capacity of 17.5 lbs

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Headrest Extension

Head Rest Extension - CMAX X-Ray

  • Attachable headrest for the CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table
  • Tilts +90° / -90°.
  • Increases tabletop length of CMAX X-Ray by additional 12”; up to 91” tabletop length

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Siderail Adaptor

Siderail Adaptor – CMAX X-Ray

  • Converts metal-free, carbon fiber tabletop to accept accessory attachment
  • Removable and repositionable along the length of the CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table
  • Creates an on-demand North American-standard side rail
  • Sold as a single unit

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Rotary Socket

Rotary Socket - CMAX X-Ray

  • A socket clamp designed for attaching accessories with round posts up to ¾” diameter
  • Single lever for simple, quick attachment and removal
  • Designed specifically for use with the CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table
  • Attaches directly to the carbon fiber tabletop. Does not attach via side rail.

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Lower Body X-Ray Protection Shields

Lower Body X-ray Protection Shields

  • Lower sway panels self-adjust to table inclinations of up to 15°
  • All protective shields have a lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm
  • Fitted with a universal adapter that can be mounted to a wide range of table siderails
  • Solid construction and rounded edges reduce the risk of injuries

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Mobile X-Ray Protection Screen

Mobile X-ray Protection Screen

  • Height-adjustable, lead acrylic panel for x-ray protection
  • Quick and easy positioning around the surgical table
  • Special base design that requires minimal space while still providing tip-resistance
  • Panel is fixed on a mobile cart with locking casters

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table X-Ray Protection Panels

X-Ray Protection Panels (Kit of 3)

  • Protective panels for the lower-body X-ray applications
  • Panels are universally adaptable and can be combined individually
  • Lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm
  • Solid construction and rounded edges reduce the risk of injuries

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Hand Control

Hand Control – CMAX X-Ray

  • Hand Control for the CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table
  • Ergonomic design and easy-to-read LCD display
  • Durable, lightweight construction for easy handling and dependable performance
  • Includes cable

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Joystick Control

Joystick Control – CMAX X-Ray

  • Palm control is usable as wireless (Bluetooth®) or wired
  • Can be mounted anywhere along the perimeter of the table (On siderail or with the Siderail Adaptor)
  • Designed specifically for use with the CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table
  • Controls Float, Height Up/Down, and features an Auto-Level button
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Specialty Accessories for patient Positioning & Pressure Management

AQUAGEL Arm Protector

Gel Patient Positioners

  • STERIS offers a variety of gel positioners to be used in supplement with tabletop pads for promotion of proper patient positioning. In addition, the gel positioners provide stability of the patient's anatomy and pressure management at the patient’s skin surface interface.

Disposable Surgical Accessories

Disposable Surgical Accessories

  • STERIS's portfolio of disposable surgical accessories are designed to be used during a surgical procedure, and disposed of following the procedure. These single-use disposable accessories range from perineal posts and disposable face masks to head and chin restrain straps for orthopedic procedures.
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Environment and Procedure Aids for Staff

preventing retained surgical items

ORLocate™ Surgical Counting and Detection System

  • Leverages radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to enhance surgical counting protocols before, during, and after surgical procedures
  • Helps to reduce the risk of unintentionally retained surgical items (RSIs) and eliminate the need for potentially costly X-Rays
  • Adheres to AORN guidelines for the use of technology as part of surgical counts
  • Improves the accuracy of manual surgical counts in the operating room (OR)

MedLED Spectra Surgical Headlight

MedLED Spectra® Surgical Headlight

  • Lightweight, cordless surgical headlight with two rechargeable batteries integrated on the head strap
  • Fast-charging lithium batteries deliver a longer life than other LED headlights and can be changed without the light turning off
  • Available in three light options allowing you to choose which headlight best fits your needs
  • Patented padding system and both hard or velcro-top options offer optimal comfort and customization

STERIS Smoke Evacuation System

Smoke Evacuation System

  • Unique design produces a quieter, more effective surgical smoke evacuation system
  • Surgical smoke evacuation device for both laparoscopic and open procedures
  • Reliable, high quality motor lasts four times as long as ordinary brush motors
  • Helps prevent smoke inhalation by hospital staff and decreases amount of smoke present at incision site
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