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Mobile X-Ray Protection Screen

  • Height-adjustable, lead acrylic panel for x-ray protection
  • Quick and easy positioning around the surgical table
  • Special base design that requires minimal space while still providing tip-resistance
  • Panel is fixed on a mobile cart with locking casters


The Mobile X-Ray Protection Screen (BF791) is a height-adjustable, x-ray shield designed to protect the upper and lower body from radiation in the surgical OR.

How the Mobile X-Ray Protection Screen Works

The upper section of this mobile system consists of a transparent lead acrylic panel with a lead equivalent (Pb) value of 0.5 mm and is 27.5” in width.

The lower shield section is comprised of a steel body with a grey-white varnished finish. The base has a lead equivalent (Pb) value of 1 mm and measures 30.7” x 37.4” (W x H).

The shield is adjustable in height from 45.3” (minimum height of the shield) up to 74.8” (maximum height of the shield). In both cases, the measurements, are from the upper edge of the shield to the floor. The panel is easily height-adjustable and retracts within its steel base.

Table Compatibility: CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table


  • Steel base, incl. electroconductive casters: 30.7” W x 41.3” H
  • Adjustable acrylic shield: 27.6” W x 45.3” - 74.8” H (overall height from floor)

Accessory rail: 0.35” x 1” , for equipment up to 8.8 lbs.

Lead (Pb) equivalent of 1.0 mm (steel base)

Lead (Pb) equivalent of 0.50 mm (acrylic screen)

CMAX™ X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table

  • Large, unobstructed, 360° radiolucent imaging surface
  • Intuitive wireless control via Bluetooth-capable joystick control

CMAX Catheter Extension (BF789)

  • Convenient, translucent platform for catheter placement
  • Attaches to the CMAX X-Ray Table siderail via gravity latch

Lower-Body X-Ray Protection Shields

  • Lower sway panels self-adjust to table inclinations of up to 15°
  • All protective shields have a lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm

X-Ray Protection Panels - Kit of 3 (BF792)

  • Protective panels for the lower-body X-ray applications
  • Panels are universally adaptable and can be combined individually
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