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General Surgical Accessories

General Surgical Accessories are classified as products that are not specific to a surgical specialty but instead can apply across numerous use cases in the operating room. STERIS’s general surgical table accessories aim to make STERIS surgical tables more versatile and easier to use. Our portfolio of surgical instruments and OR supplies help to improve patient positioning and create a safer operating environment. Browse a variety of OR table accessories for general surgery including safety and protective supplies, X-ray tops, clamps and sockets, armboards, transfer boards, restraint straps, arm and leg toboggans, drapes, and other generic OR accessories.

drape fully extended on velcro table only

Disposable Sliding Table Drape

  • Provides a simple solution to cover and protect your surgical tabletop
  • Prevents fluids and bioburden from entering internal structures of the table
  • Protects your capital investment
  • Promotes your table’s useful life and a cleaner OR environment
  • Available for STERIS sliding top tables with Velcro® or Velcro®-less pad attachment

STERIS ShroudGuard Column Protector

STERIS ShroudGuard Column Protector

  • Prevents accidental damage to Operating Room (OR) table column shrouds
  • Keeps your surgical table in service and improves OR uptime
  • Fabricated from durable stainless steel
  • Easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance

x-ray tops for steris surgical tables

X-ray Tops for STERIS Surgical Tables

  • Removable, radiolucent X-ray tops that mount onto STERIS surgical tables
  • Adds two inch elevation to tabletops
  • Provides space to insert flat X-ray cassette

Clip-On Blade-Clamp

Clip-On Blade Clamp

  • Attaches anywhere on surgical table rail
  • No need to find table notches
  • Accepts all 1" x 1/4" flat blade accessories

Clip-On Socket

Clip-On Socket Clamp

  • Attaches anywhere on surgical table rail
  • No need to find table notches
  • Accepts accessories with round post up to 11/16" diameter
  • Patient weight capacity is 800 lbs. (363 kg)

Anesthesia Armboard

Anesthesia Armboard

  • Lightweight, carbon fiber design
  • Distal end trigger for full horizontal rotation
  • Universal compatibility to North American standard siderails

Adjustable Height Armboard

Adjustable Height Armboard

  • Accommodates a wide-range of patient arm positions and procedural needs
  • Vertical height adjustment allows for easy use with or without x-ray tops
  • Eliminates need for multiple-sized armboard pads
  • Fits all standard NA operating room table rails

IV Armboard

IV Armboard

  • Integral easy attachment clamp
  • Full horizontal rotation with distal end trigger
  • Universal compatibility to North American standard siderails

Armboard Holder

Armboard Holder

  • Maximize Operating Room (OR) efficiency and improve storage
  • Stores (2) standard surgical armboards
  • Attaches to wall with (4) screws (included)
  • Convenient top-shelf stores OR table accessories and clamps

Multi-Task Armboard

Multi-Task Armboard

  • Surgical arm board for lateral, chair, prone and neuro park bench positions
  • Lockable ball socket permits a wide range of positioning flexibility
  • Patient weight capacity: 500 lbs. (227 kg)

Lightweight Transfer Board

Transfer Board

  • This lightweight board supports the patient's legs during transfer to table.

Long Wide Patient Transfer Board BF36

Patient Transfer Boards

  • Roller-free medical transfer board for easy patient movement
  • Comfortable, soft core medical transfer board with no hard metal rollers
  • Available in (2) lengths and (2) widths to accommodate a variety of patient populations
  • Patient weight capacity on the transfer board is 500 lbs. (227 kg)

Schure Slide Patient Transfer Boards

Schure Slide Patient Transfer Boards

  • Rigid, anti-static durable patient transfer system
  • Effortlessly slide patients from stretcher to OR table (and back) without lifting
  • Non-disposable surgical table transfer board reduces red bag waste
  • Helps speed up OR turnover time

Disposable Covers for Patient Transfer Board BF52

Disposable Covers for Patient Transfer Boards

  • Helps reduce post-procedural wipedown
  • Fits on all STERIS Patient Transfer Boards
  • Sold in quantities of 50 per case

Patient Restraint Strap

Patient Restraint Strap

  • Quick-connect buckles on distal ends for easy, positive attachment to siderails
  • Soil-resistant, easy to thoroughly clean synthetic elastomer material
  • Wide, reinforced, comfortable support body strap
  • Available in standard and extra-long length for bariatric patients

Heavy duty hook and loop strap rolls

Hook and Loop Strap Rolls

  • Preferred solution to medical and surgical taping, strapping, tie-down and restraining requirements
  • Hook and loop strap’s soft edge helps protect patient skin 
  • Available in four convenient widths
  • Sold individually 

Universal Patient Braces Set

Universal Patient Braces Set

  • Lateral braces stabilize patients on operating room (OR) tables
  • For use during total hip and other procedures requiring optimal lateral position stability
  • Lateral braces are anatomical and fully adjustable
  • Patient weight capacity: 400 lbs. (181 kg)

Toboggan Arm and Leg Guards

Toboggan Arm & Leg Guards

  • Secures patient arms or legs on the operating table
  • Reduces risk of nerve damage to patient extremities
  • Simple to install surgical toboggan arm and leg guards that slide under the OR table pad
  • Available in four sizes

Table Accessory Cart

Table Accessory Cart

  • The Orthopedic Extension Cart and Table Accessory Cart.

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Mobile X-Ray Protection Screen

Mobile X-ray Protection Screen

  • Height-adjustable, lead acrylic panel for x-ray protection
  • Quick and easy positioning around the surgical table
  • Special base design that requires minimal space while still providing tip-resistance
  • Panel is fixed on a mobile cart with locking casters

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table X-Ray Protection Panels

X-Ray Protection Panels (Kit of 3)

  • Protective panels for the lower-body X-ray applications
  • Panels are universally adaptable and can be combined individually
  • Lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm
  • Solid construction and rounded edges reduce the risk of injuries

CMAX X-Ray Image-Guided Surgical Table Lower Body X-Ray Protection Shields

Lower Body X-ray Protection Shields

  • Lower sway panels self-adjust to table inclinations of up to 15°
  • All protective shields have a lead equivalent of Pb 0.50 mm
  • Fitted with a universal adapter that can be mounted to a wide range of table siderails
  • Solid construction and rounded edges reduce the risk of injuries
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