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Radiolucent arm board

Adjustable Height Armboard

  • Accommodates a wide-range of patient arm positions and procedural needs
  • Vertical height adjustment allows for easy use with or without x-ray tops
  • Eliminates need for multiple-sized armboard pads
  • Fits all standard NA operating room table rails


The Adjustable Height Armboard (BF449) accommodates a wide variety of patients and their procedural needs, as well as adjusting vertically to match the level height of the surgical table with or without the use of x-ray tops. Requires armboard pad sold separately.

How the Adjustable Height Armboard Works

The Adjustable Height Armboard adjusts vertically by simply placing on siderail, loosening handle before raising to correct table height and tightening handle.

Why the Adjustable Height Armboard?

The Adjustable Height Armboard is easy-to-use and eliminates the need for multiple-sized pads.

  • Dimensions: 6″W x 26.5″L
  • Height Adjustment: 3.25”
  • Fastener: Hook & Loop
  • Armboard pad sold separately

Weight Capacity:

Do not exceed stated patient weight capacity for any surgical table accessory. Please reference the accessory IFU for details. Additionally, the accessory weight may need to be included when calculating total permissible patient load for this surgical table.

Armboard Pads

  • Soft, comfortable support of the patient's arms
  • Designed with pressure management technology

Anesthesia Armboard

  • Lightweight, carbon fiber design
  • Distal end trigger for full horizontal rotation

Armboard Holder

  • Maximize Operating Room (OR) efficiency and improve storage
  • Stores (2) standard surgical armboards
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BF449 Armboard Holder
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