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Anesthesia Armboard

Anesthesia Armboard

  • Lightweight, carbon fiber design
  • Distal end trigger for full horizontal rotation
  • Universal compatibility to North American standard siderails


Order Number: BF431, Armboard without pad
Order Number: BF448, Armboard with 1" pad
Order Number: BF803, Armboard with 2" pad
Order Number: BF804, Armboard with 3" pad

The lightweight, carbon fiber Anesthesia Armboard easily attaches to any standard siderail with its integral attachment clamp. A distal end trigger adjusts the arm support's adduction and abduction positioning. The positioning mechanisms are fully protected within the molded body for easy cleaning and enhanced durability. Durability is further enhanced with protective edging to safeguard against damage. The Anesthesia Armboard is available with or without a support pad. Additional replacement pad thicknesses and designs are available. All Anesthesia Armboard models are supplied with two 30" x 2" nylon restraint straps.

Table Compatibility:

Compatible with surgical tables equipped with standard siderails or accessories with siderails.


6.25"W x 26"L

Weight Capacity:

The accessory does not alter the stated weight capacity of the table, unless the weight capacity of the table is higher than that of the accessory.

Not manufactured with natural rubber latex

Required Accessories

No other accessory is required unless ordering Anesthesia Armboard without pad, BF431, then a separate pad or pads may be needed. 

Optional Replacement Pads:

BF345 - 1" Pad
BF326 - 2" Pad
BF327 - 3" Pad
BF394 - 4" Pad
BF407 - 4" Concaved Pad
BF395 - 5" HLT Pad


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  • Designed with pressure management technology
  • Varying pad heights to match tabletop pad thicknesses with or without X-ray tops

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