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Removable X-ray Tops for STERIS Surgical Tables

X-ray Tops for STERIS Surgical Tables

  • Removable, radiolucent X-ray tops that mount onto STERIS surgical tables
  • Adds two inch elevation to tabletops
  • Provides space to insert flat X-ray cassette


Removable, radiolucent X-ray tops mount onto surgical tables. The 2-inch standoffs add elevation to the tabletop, providing space to insert flat X-ray cassettes from head, foot, or side of table. For use with existing table pads. These X-ray tops are available in Complete Sets or by individual sections. Complete Sets are listed above. Contact your local STERIS Representative or STERIS Customer Care at 800-548-4873 for assistance.

Table Compatibility:

STERIS Table Equipment Code Description Additional Notes



3085 Digital X-Ray Top

For use with table manufactured AFTER December 31, 2015



X-Ray Top Set

For use with table manufactured BEFORE December 31, 2015



Digital X-Ray Top

For use with table manufactured AFTER November 30, 2015



Digital X-Ray Top
Feather Weight Leg Section and Pad

For use with table manufactured AFTER November 30, 2015



X-ray Top Complete Set Snap In Style

For use with table manufactured BEFORE November 30, 2015



X-Ray Top Complete Set Cmax


Weight Capacity:

The accessory does not alter the stated weight capacity of the table, unless the weight capacity of the table is higher than that of the accessory.

Other X-Ray Tops

9 inch Urology Extension

  • Lightweight, radiolucent construction
  • Provides additional imaging length for kidney, ureter and bladder

IA Extender with Two-inch (51-mm) Pad and X-ray Top

  • Radiolucent technology for increased imaging length
  • Used in both normal and reverse orientation
  • Ideal for endourology applications

Surgical Tables

STERIS® 5085 SRT Surgical Table

  • Slide, 360° Rotate and Transport capabilities
  • Largest clinically-relevant image area
  • Generous patient height and weight ranges in a sliding top design for improved imaging

STERIS® 5085 General Surgical Table

  • Low height for performance suites requiring versatility
  • Provides unrestricted perineal access with a removable leg section

STERIS® 4085 General Surgical Table

  • Exceptionally intuitive design to save valuable minutes in the OR
  • Compact base size to maximize easy access with self-leveling floor locks

AMSCO® 3085 SP Surgical Table

  • Complete flexibility for patient positioning
  • Designed with a fixed top and ability to accommodate many surgical specialties when combined with accessories
  • Can accommodate up to a 1,000-lb. patient

Operating Room Equipment

Surgical Tables

  • Versatile, easy to use, and built for today’s procedures
  • Surgical, exam, orthopedic, and radiolucent imaging tables

Surgical Lights

  • Surgical, exam, and labor and delivery lighting systems
  • Deliver pure white light, and enhancement of deep saturated reds and colors

Surgical Booms

  • Sleek, compact design to allow nurse line of sight to the sterile field
  • Straight drop units and single or dual arm units

Surgical Displays

  • Surgical field and wall-mounted displays
  • Deliver HD and 4K visualization within the surgical field

OR Integration

  • Designed to improve workflow, procedure guidance and peer collaboration
  • Deliver scalable solutions to best fit the diverse needs of the OR
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