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Schure Slide Patient Transfer Boards

  • Rigid, anti-static durable patient transfer system
  • Effortlessly slide patients from stretcher to OR table (and back) without lifting
  • Non-disposable surgical table transfer board reduces red bag waste
  • Helps speed up OR turnover time


The Schure Slide Patient Transfer System is a rigid, durable system for transferring patients without the need to lift them. These latex-free patient transfer roller boards are available in two sizes:

  • BF534: Schure Slide, Anti-Static, Rigid, STANDARD
  • BF535: Schure Slide, Anti-Static, Rigid, FULL SIZE

The Schure Slide Patient Transfer System supports the effortless sliding of patients from a stretcher/gurney to a surgical table and back without lifting, which is the primary cause of back injuries among hospital staff in the operating room. These patient transfer systems will not stain. Staff can easily spray and wipe the roller boards clean.

The Schure Slide Patient Transfer System is radiolucent and not made with natural rubber latex. STERIS’s surgical table transfer boards can help speed up turnover time in between OR cases.

Product Number Description Dimensions  
Contains no natural rubber latex.
BF534 TRANSFER BOARD ANTI-STATIC, RIGID 33"L x 22"W x 3/16" (84cm x 56cm x 0.5cm)
BF535 TRANSFER BOARD FULL-SIZE, ANTI-STATIC 72"L x 22"W x 3/16" (183cm x 56cm x .05cm)
Patient Transfer Boards
  • Roller-free medical transfer board for easy patient movement
  • Comfortable, soft core medical transfer board with no hard metal rollers
Disposable Covers for Patient Transfer Boards
  • Helps reduce post-procedural wipedown
  • Fits on all STERIS Patient Transfer Boards
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