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Chemical Indicators for Sterilization

What are Chemical Indicators?

Chemical indicators are used to monitor whether the parameters to achieve sterilization have been met for a specific sterilization process, such as steam or vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization. Chemical indicators use one or more chemicals that undergo either a physical or chemical change that is visible to the human eye after exposure to predetermined critical parameters like temperature, time or sterilant.

STERIS’s complete portfolio of chemical indicators includes both internal and external indicators. Internal chemical indicator strips and challenge packs are used to capture sterilization failures through immediate results, while external indicator tapes and labels confirm a pack has been exposed to the sterilization process.

Chemical Indicator Strips

VERIFY Steam Integrating Indicator

VERIFY® Steam Integrating Indicator

  • Dual window technology makes this chemical indicator easy to read
  • Type 5 Integrating Indicator as defined by ANSI/AAMI 11140-1
  • Four-inch length provides versatility and ease of retrieval

VERIFY STEAM Integrating Indicator 5CM

VERIFY® Steam Integrating Indicator 5CM

  • Seamlessly incorporates three critical variables of steam sterilization: steam, time, and temperature
  • Compact yet powerful design fits where other chemical indicators can not

VERIFY Steam Integrator Strips

VERIFY® Steam Integrator Strips

  • Chemical integrator test strip for steam sterilization
  • Detects critical sterilization parameter failures for exposure time, temperature, and steam quality
  • Provides an immediate verification of exposure to sterilant with a vivid color change

Celerity 10 STEAM Chemical Indicator

Celerity 10 STEAM Chemical Indicator

  • Validated for extended 10-minute steam sterilization cycles
  • Chemical indicator strip provides easy interpretation with distinct yellow to blue/purple color change
  • Type 6 Emulating Indicator as defined by ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1

Celerity HP Chemical Indicator

Celerity HP Chemical Indicator

  • Validated Type 1 indicator, with scannable barcode for easy entry into tracking software

VERIFY SixCess MF4 Steam Emulating Indicator

VERIFY SixCess MF4 Steam Emulating Indicator

  • Cycle-specific indicator monitoring all critical parameters of a steam sterilization cycle
  • Validated for commonly used prevacuum 270°F/132°C, 4-minute cycles
  • Clear results with easy-to-interpret moving front indicator

VERIFY Sixcess Steam Indicator Strips

VERIFY® SixCess Steam Indicator Strips

  • Type 6 chemical indicator strips for use in steam sterilizers
  • Provides a quick color change of yellow to blue/purple when sterilization cycle conditions are achieved
  • Promotes patient safety by offering immediate identification of failed sterilization loads

VERIFY Sixcess Flash Indicators

VERIFY® SixCess Flash Indicators

  • Cycle specific indicators provide assurance that Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (Flash) cycle parameters were delivered
  • Type 6 Emulating Indicator as defined by ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1
  • Long strips mean they stay in the pan and not in the drain

VERIFY Flash Integrator

VERIFY® Flash Integrator

  • Laminated chemical indicator for steam sterilizers
  • Chemical Integrator as defined by FDA
  • Record pertinent patent information directly on the strip

VERIFY HPU Chemical Indicator

VERIFY® HPU Chemical Indicator

  • Type 1 process chemical indicator for vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilization processes
  • Provides a vivid color change from magenta to yellow when exposed to the proper sterilization conditions
  • Manufactured without heavy metal or latex

VERIFY Chemical Indicator for S40 Sterliant

VERIFY® Chemical Indicator for S40® Sterilant

  • Designed for use with STERIS automated Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing Systems
  • Verifies the minimum recommended concentration of S40 Sterilant use dilution is met to achieve liquid chemical sterilization

VERIFY Valueline STEAM Chemical Indicators

VERIFY® ValueLine Steam Chemical Indicators

  • Type 1 process indicator for steam sterilization
  • Designed for steam sterilization cycles operating at 250°F, 270°F, 273°F and 275°F
  • Provides results with a distinct color change from white to black

Solution Test Strips

VERIFY Process Indicator for Reliance EPS Endsocope Processing System

VERIFY® Process Indicator for Reliance EPS Endoscope Processing System

  • For routine monitoring of the Reliance EPS Endoscope Processing System employing Reliance™ DG Dry Germicide
  • Confirms minimum recommended concentration (MRC) of Reliance DG Dry Germicide Use Dilution was achieved

Chemical Indicator Challenge Packs

VERIFY Sixcess Challenge Packs

VERIFY® SixCess Challenge Packs

  • Highest level of chemical indicator performance in an easy to use test pack
  • Contains a Type 6 Emulating Indicator as defined by ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1
  • Monitor 270°F/132° or 275°F/135°C prevacuum steam cycles

VERIFY Sixcess Extended Timing Challenge pack

VERIFY® SixCess Extended Timing Challenge Pack

  • Designed for extended cycles
  • Three-part chemical indicator sheet monitors 4, 10 or 20 minute Prevacuum Steam Cycles at 270°F/132°
  • Contains a Type 6 Emulating Indicator as defined by ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1

Cleaning Verification



  • Quick cleaning verification results in 10 seconds
  • Easy-to-read color change test results
  • Conforms to ANSI/AAMI standards for cleaning verification tests1

VERIFY All Clean Test Washer Indicator

VERIFY® All Clean Test Washer Indicator

  • Provides a consistent, reproducible method to routinely check the performance of automated washer/disinfectors
  • Easy-to-see and easy-to-interpret results with bright red test soil formula
  • Features a lot number on the end of each strip for easy traceability

Indicator Tapes and Labels

Wrapped Tray with Tape

VERIFY® Steam Indicator Tape

  • Type 1 process indicator tape for steam sterilization
  • Easily adheres materials commonly used in sterile processing
  • Vivid color change provides easy interpretation that items were exposed to a steam cycle

VERIFY Vaporized VH2O2 Process Indicator Adhesive label

Celerity Vaporized VH2O2 Process Indicator Adhesive Label

  • Adheres to wraps, trays, or pouches and shows at a glance if the item has been processed
  • For use in both V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilization Systems and STERRAD Models*
  • Validated Type 1 process indicator and sterilization label for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization

VERIFY VH2O2 Indicator Tape

VERIFY® VH2O2 Indicator Tape

  • Confidently secure synthetic wraps to process in V-PRO and STERRAD Sterilizers
  • Chemical indicator stripes printed on the roll meet Type 1 as defined by ANSI/AAMI 11140-1

Tape Dispensers

Tape Dispensers

  • Holds two 1 inch wide chemical indicator tape rolls on its 3-inch core
  • Weighted base makes single handed dispensing easier
*As of 4/1/19 the Celerity HP Chemical Indicator has been validated for use in all cycles on the STERRAD 100NX, STERRAD NX and STERRAD 100S Sterilizers.