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VERIFY Valueline Steam Chemical Indicators

VERIFY® Valueline Steam Chemical Indicators

  • Type 1 process indicator for steam sterilization
  • Designed for steam sterilization cycles operating at 250°F, 270°F, 273°F and 275°F
  • Provides results with a distinct color change from white to black


The VERIFY® Valueline STEAM Chemical Indicators are Type-1 process chemical indicators as defined by ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1, which change from white to black indicating exposure to a steam sterilization process in an autoclave.

How do the VERIFY Valueline STEAM Chemical Indicators work?

Used in every pack, pouch, container, or wrapped item, these process indicators provide assurance of steam penetration into the packs. These chemical indicators are for use in steam sterilization cycles operating at 250°F (121°C), 270°F (132°C), 273°F (134°C) and 275°F (135°C). VERIFY Valueline products provide an affordable means of compliance with Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) standards.

Why choose the VERIFY Valueline STEAM Chemical Indicators?

  • Easy to interpret results with a distinct color change from white to black
  • Lot number and expiration date printed on each strip for easy traceability
  • Manufactured in the absence of lead or other heavy metals
  • 6" long and 5/8" wide indicator strip fits easily in most packs
Sterilization Method Steam Sterilization

Product Type

Type 1 Process Indicator

Validated Cycles

250°F (121°C)
270°F (132°C)
273°F (134°C)
275°F (135°C)


Approximately 6" long and 5/8" wide (152 x 16 mm)


PCC009 (Box of 250 strips)

Other Sterility Assurance and Monitoring Products

VERIFY® SixCess® Steam Indicator Strips

  • Type 6 chemical indicator strips for use in steam sterilizers
  • Provides a quick color change of yellow to blue/purple when sterilization cycle conditions are achieved

VERIFY® STEAM Integrating Indicator

  • Seamlessly incorporates three critical variables of steam sterilization: steam, time, and temperature
  • Reduces risk of releasing a non-sterile load before the corresponding BI result is known

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