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VERIFY™ HPU Chemical Indicator

  • Type 1 Process Indicator
  • Cycles: For use in V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilization Systems
  • Features: Color-changing ink verifies exposure to sterilant


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Celerity™ HP Multivariable Indicator

For use in both V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilization Systems and STERRAD Models, with a scannable barcode for easy tracking.

The VERIFY™ HPU Chemical Indicator is a vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization process chemical indicator designed for use in the V-PRO® maX 2, V-PRO® 60, V-PRO® maX, V-PRO® 1, and V-PRO® 1 Plus Low Temperature Sterilization Systems.

How VERIFY HPU Chemical Indicators Work

The VH2O2 sterilization indicator strips are placed within packs to be sterilized in the V-PRO Sterilizers. The indicator ink undergoes a color change from magenta to yellow when exposed to the sterilization conditions of the V-PRO Sterilizers.

Status of Indicator Unexposed Exposed PASS Exposed FAIL

VERIFY™ HPU Chemical Indicator (PCC061)



Exposed Pass

Color change from magenta to yellow or lighter

Exposed Fail


This product has met all specifications for a Type 1 Process Indicator as described in ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1, 2014.

Why VERIFY HPU Chemical Indicators

The VERIFY HPU Chemical Indicators provide a fast and reliable indication of sterilant penetration. There are multiple benefits to using these VHP sterilization chemical indicators:

  • Manufactured without heavy metal - No concerns over lead or other heavy metals
  • Manufactured without latex - No concerns over latex and dry natural rubber sensitivities
  • Vivid color change - Provides easy interpretation of indicator results

VERIFY HPU Chemical Indicator's validated sterilizers and sterilization cycles

Product Number Description Sterilization Cycles

V-PRO maX 2 Sterilizer

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide

Fast Non Lumen, Non Lumen, Flexible and Lumen Cycles

V-PRO 60 Sterilizer

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide

Non Lumen, Flexible and Lumen Cycles

V-PRO maX Sterilizer

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide

Non Lumen, Flexible and Lumen Cycles

V-PRO 1 Plus Sterilizer

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide

Non Lumen and Lumen Cycle

V-PRO 1 Sterilizer

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide

Default Cycle (Lumen Cycle)

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Biological Indicators

  • For routine monitoring, product testing and qualification of steam, EO, and vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization processes

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