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Surgical Table Accessories for Trendelenburg Positioning

Trendelenburg positioning is commonly used for lower abdominal, colorectal, gynecological, robotic thoracic surgery, robotic bariatric surgery, and genitourinary procedures, as well as central venous catheter placement. Due to gravity, Trendelenburg position moves the patient’s abdominal organs towards the head to improve surgical access to the pelvic organs. To avoid sliding on the surgical table, the patient should be safely secured. STERIS surgical table accessories and patient positioning devices for use with patients in the Trendelenburg position are designed to secure the patient to the table during the procedure, including bolster technology to suspend patients safely and effectively in Trendelenburg.

TrenGuard Trendelenburg Patient Restraint

TrenGuard Trendelenburg Patient Restraint

  • Patented “speed bump” bolster keeps patients of all sizes from sliding on the surgical table
  • Soft lateral stabilizing pillows control body mass shift
  • Quick and easy to set up on any surgical table and works with under-patient devices
Shoulder Supports

Shoulder Supports (BF28) 

  • Shoulder Supports (Pair) used for procedures requiring the Trendelenburg position
  • Includes thick foam padding with flexible cover
  • Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs. (227kg)
  • Requires (2) Clip-On Blade Clamps (BF11) - Not included

Power Lift Stirrups

Power-Lift Stirrups

  • Ergonomic, pneumatic lift-assist for safe patient handling
  • Single handle action for full articulation and range of motion
  • Padded, booted stirrup for comfort and
    full support
  • Variety of sizes for diverse patient needs

Lightweight 9 inch Urology Extension

9 Inch Urology Extension

  • Lightweight, radiolucent construction
  • Provides additional imaging length for kidney, ureter and bladder
  • Easily attaches to seat section of STERIS surgical table

Fluid Collection system

Fluid Collection System

  • The Fluid Collection System (BF457) includes a flexible drape support and fluid collection bag ideally suited for use cystoscopic or hysteroscopic procedures.