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Junior Powerlift Stirrups

  • Designed for pediatric anatomy
  • Appropriate for most patients 7-11 years old
  • Easily attaches to rail of any STERIS Surgical Table
  • 250 lb. patient weight capacity


The Junior Powerlift Stirrup provides comfortable, secure leg positioning for most pediatric patients between 7 to 11 years old. The floating boot design cradles the calf, ankle and heel of the patient. Attaches to the rail of any STERIS Surgical Table and has a patient weight capacity of 250 lbs.

How the Junior Powerlift Stirrup Works

The Junior Powerlift Stirrup features a floating boot design which fits and cradles the calf, ankle and heel of the patient. Abduction and lithotomy adjustments can be made simultaneously with a single handle, while maintaining the sterile field. Each boot can be adjusted with a single clamp, making positioning simple.

Why the Junior Powerlift Stirrup?

Patient Safety – The Junior Powerlift Stirrup boot completely encapsulates the foot, ankle and calf to protect, cushion and reduce pressure on these areas.

Weight Capacity:

Do not exceed stated patient weight capacity for any surgical table accessory. Please reference the accessory IFU for details. Additionally, the accessory weight may need to be included when calculating total permissible patient load for this surgical table.

Replacement Pads

Replacement Clamshell Boot Pad for Junior Powerlift Stirrup

  • Reusable replacement pad set for Junior Powerlift Stirrup (BF855)
  • Cradles patient’s foot and ankle during lithotomy procedures

Other Powerlift Stirrups

Powerlift Stirrups

  • Ergonomic, pneumatic lift-assist for safe patient handling
  • Single handle action for full articulation and range of motion
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