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PowerLift Plus Stirrups

  • Lateral fin protects patients from peroneal nerve injuries
  • Velcro®-less straps allow for easy cleaning
  • Increased range of motion
  • PowerLift activation eliminates caregiver strain


The PowerLift Plus Adult (BF856) and Bariatric (BF857) Stirrups take lithotomy positioning to the next-level. The integrated power-assist mechanism, as found in our traditional PowerLift Stirrups, allows for ease in managing the patient’s anatomical weight in lithotomy. The unique, grip-and-twist control handles allow staff to adjust the angle of lithotomy and degree of AB/ADduction during setup without lifting the sterile drape.

What sets these stirrups apart from others:

  • The lateral fin protects the patient’s peroneal nerve during surgery which is one of the biggest safety concerns in lithotomy positioning.
  • It is very common for blood, fluid and other microorganisms to build up within the hook-and-loop surface of traditional Velcro® straps. Transitioning to a Velcro®-less strap, made of a medical-grade, silicone, will maximize infection prevention and cleanability.
  • The shape of the rod has also been re-designed to improve the degree of low lithotomy by an additional 22 degrees.
  • The STERIS PowerLift Stirrup Smart Cart (BF860) has improved stability and a more effective storage design to better secure the stirrups.
  • The Secure-Release Clamp (BF861) can be mounted anywhere along the siderail and incorporates a button to prevent false rail engagement.

STERIS PowerLiftPlus Stirrups

Product Dimensions:

40”(L) x 11”(W) x 16”(H) (101.6 cm x 28 cm x 40.6 cm)

Product Weight:

14.6 lbs. (6.6 kg) (each)

Not manufactured with natural rubber latex

STERIS Stirrups PowerLift Freedom  PowerLift Plus  PowerLift Freedom 
Stirrup Model PowerLift Freedom PowerLift Plus PowerLift
Lateral Fin Yes Yes No
Straps Velcro®-Less Velcro®-Less Velcro®
Range of Motion +85°, -55° +85°, -55° +84°, -33°
Boot Pad Attachment Velcro®-Less Velcro® Velcro®
Lift Feature Gas Spring
Gas Spring
Gas Spring
AB/Adduction +25°, -9° +25°, -9° +25°, -9°
Patient Weight Capacity 500 lbs 500 lbs, 800 lbs 720 lbs, 500 lbs
250 lbs, 160 lbs

The PowerLift Plus Stirrups can be used to support the OR team in proper patient positioning for lithotomy in a number of ways. These stirrups are versatile and are capable of achieving appropriate positioning for a Urology, Gynecology, Bariatric or even a Robotics case.

Standard Lithotomy for Gynecology

Standard Lithotomy Position for Gynecology / Urology Procedures

Standard Lithotomy in Trendelenburg

Standard Lithotomy in Trendelenburg Position for a Rectal / Colo-rectal Procedure

Standard Lithotomy for Cystoscopy

Standard Lithotomy Position for a Cystoscopy Procedure

Lithotomy Position with Bariatric Stirrups

Lithotomy Position with Bariatric Stirrups for Urology / Gynecology Procedures

Reverse Trendelenburg Position

Reverse Trendelenburg Position for a Nissen Fundoplication Procedure

Low Lithotomy Position with Bariatric Stirrups

Low Lithotomy Position with Bariatric Stirrups for Urology / Gynecology Procedures


Secure-Release™ Clamp US (pair) - BF861

Note: Clamps can be ordered separately (each)

Optional Accessories:

STERIS PowerLift Stirrup Smart Cart - BF860

Replacement Pads:

PowerLift Plus Adult 500 – BF868

PowerLift Plus Bariatric 800 – BF869

Product Number Description  
BF856 STERIS PowerLift Plus Adult
BF857 STERIS PowerLift Plus Bariatric
BF861 Secure-Release™ Clamp US
BF860 STERIS PowerLift Smart Cart

Secure-Release™ Clamp (BF861)

  • Mounts anywhere along the siderail
  • Release Button prevents false rail engagement

PowerLift Stirrup Smart Cart (BF860)

  • Ergonomically designed handles to move the cart
  • Safely stores most stirrups

PowerLift Freedom Stirrups Adult 500 (BF859)

  • Lateral fin protects patients from peroneal nerve injuries
  • Velcro®-less straps and boot pad attachment allows for easy cleaning

STERIS® 5095 General Surgical Table

  • Versatile general surgical table designed to accommodate virtually all patients with generous weight and height ranges
  • Provides exceptionally low height (22.8") for MIS, robotic and bariatric techniques without sacrificing the high height needed for orthopedic and cardiac procedures

STERIS® 4095 General Surgical Table

  • Optional, Integrated STERIS Patient Warming System warms patients before, during or after the procedure
  • Large imaging window of 86" allows for easy C-arm access

PowerLift Stirrups Adult (BF453)

  • Ergonomic, pneumatic lift-assist for safe patient handling
  • Single handle action for full articulation and range of motion
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