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TrenGuard™ Trendelenburg Patient Restraint

  • Patented “speed bump” bolster keeps patients of all sizes from sliding on the surgical table
  • Soft lateral stabilizing pillows control body mass shift
  • Quick and easy to set up on any surgical table and works with under-patient devices


TrenGuard Trendelenburg Patient Restraint is a comprehensive patient restraint system for safe, easy patient positioning when in Trendelenburg position. The TrenGuard patient restraint provides patient positioning solutions for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and robotic procedures and/or for procedures using steep Trendelenburg position.

How the TrenGuard Trendelenburg Patient Restraint Works

  • TrenGuard Patient Support Frame – Secures to OR table rails with standard clamps to support patients of all sizes, up to 550 lbs. in steep Trendelenburg up to 40°.
  • TrenGuard CLASSIC Single-Use Procedure Packs – Single-use components attach to TrenGuard Patient Support Frame with industrial strength VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fastener. Each procedure pack is vacuum-packed for effective storage and contains a “speed bump” bolster, head stabilizing pillow, and lateral stabilizing pillows.
  • TrenGuard HYBRID Procedure Packs - Mix of reusable and single-use components that helps reduce medical waste. Only the “speed bump” bolster and head positioner are single use, while the lateral stabilizing pillows come in a durable, reusable format.
  • TrenGuard Integrated Wedge Procedure Packs - For patients without a discernible cervical notch, or patients with limited range of motion of the neck. The “speed bump” bolster has a wedge shape to accommodate these patients. Available in CLASSIC or HYBRID options.
  • Size Options - Each offering is available in two size formats that (1) accommodate patients weighing up to 440 lbs, or (2) accommodate large-sized patients weighing up to 550 lbs.

Why the TrenGuard Trendelenburg Patient Restraint?

TrenGuard Trendelenburg Patient Restraint:

  • Uses a patented “speed bump” bolster technology to secure the patient at their cervical notch instead of rigid shoulder supports, known to cause brachial plexus injuries, or sticky foam mats that use friction to hold the patient which can result in skin shear.
  • The only Trendelenburg system that has a hard connection to the table rail. Other products too often us soft straps which can slide on the rail, which have been known to cause patients to slide down the table while in Trendelenburg.
  • Is quick and easy to set up on any surgical table, works with any size table pad thickness, and works with under-patient devices.

TrenGuard In-Service Video

Shoulder Supports (BF28)

  • Shoulder Supports (Pair) used for procedures requiring the Trendelenburg position
  • Includes thick foam padding with flexible cover

Power Lift Stirrups

  • Ergonomic, pneumatic lift-assist for safe patient handling
  • Single handle action for full articulation and range of motion

9 inch Urology Extension

  • Lightweight, radiolucent construction
  • Provides additional imaging length for kidney, ureter and bladder

Fluid Collection System

  • The Fluid Collection System (BF457) includes a flexible drape support and fluid collection bag ideally suited for use cystoscopic or hysteroscopic procedures
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