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OR Integration Systems

Modern Operating Rooms (OR) continue to grow in complexity as new devices, processes and technologies enter the clinical environment. Today's clinicians must deliver safe and effective patient care while also managing budgets, a growing array of surgical technologies, clinical data, communications, and OR safety concerns.

STERIS Operating Room Integration Systems, including the HexaVue Integration System, are designed to improve workflows, procedure guidance and peer collaboration for OR staff during surgical procedures. Our expansive integrated Operating Room portfolio is designed to deliver scalable solutions to best fit the diverse and changing needs of your OR environment. STERIS's OR Integration Systems help to minimize the complexity that consumes daily life in the OR and allow you to focus on what matters most - delivering uncompromised patient care.


HexaVue Integration System operating room software for OR management

HexaVue™ Integration System

  • Operating Room integration system designed to empower and connect all roles within and around the OR
  • Uncompromised 4K visualization and image capture
  • Connects seamlessly to endoscopes from any vendor
  • Located outside of the OR for easy access and maintenance

HexaVue Connect Software

HexaVue™ Connect Software

  • Operating Room software-based portfolio of tools designed to enhance patient care and OR efficiency
  • Allows OR staff to securely access information and media in the OR from virtually anywhere
  • Communicate and collaborate hands-free from the surgical field
  • Advanced cybersecurity through secured remote diagnostics

Previous Generation OR Integration Systems

Integrated Operating Room

IDSS Integration System

Designed to meet the needs of complex and visually demanding operating rooms with unique requirements

STERIS Operating Room Integration Systems deliver the highest level of patient care. Systems are compatible with any image from any piece of equipment.

Harmony IQ 3600 Integration System

Ideal for operating rooms performing high-volume, complex cases using C-arms, robotics, navigation and other advanced imaging tools

Harmony iQ 2800 Integration System

Harmony IQ 2800 Integration System

Meets the needs of mid-complexity ORs looking to improve workflow through centralized routing, visualization and image management

Harmony iQ 1000 Series Integration System

Harmony IQ® 1000 Series Integration System

Ideal for procedure rooms and low-complexity ORs needing to enhance productivity through simple routing and visualization of devices

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