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HV1000 Video Switch

  • A simplified, easy-to-use solution for HD and 4K video routing
  • Compatible with your preferred devices
  • Designed for the demanding Operating Room (OR)
  • Single control unit that is compact for easy placement within the OR


The HV1000 Video Switch easily facilitates the display of detailed images from HD or 4K devices, supporting informed treatment decisions and synchronized activity. The HV1000 is well-suited for facilities that are seeking a simplified system for routing video in the operating theater.

How the HV1000 Video Switch Works

The HV1000 Video Switch offers a simple method for OR staff to connect and position mobile equipment where the surgeon needs it. This video switch allows for intuitive control over the display of video on connected surgical monitors within the OR, which can be managed via a compact touch panel at the wall or desk. It is compatible with existing STERIS monitors, including surgical and large format displays, and other utility and video connectivity systems.

Why the HV1000 Video Switch?

The HV1000 Video Switch benefits OR staff in a variety of ways:

  • Improves visibility for the entire surgical team by displaying surgical video on connected displays within the OR.
  • Simplifies control through two-touch routing of any video source from a compact touch point.
  • Supports a range of connection locations, configurable with either a 4x3 or 6x6 configuration (video inputs x video outputs).
  • Decreases clutter within the OR, allowing staff to move around the room safely and efficiently.
  • Allows flexible installation through location of the slim base unit on the equipment boom, in an equipment rack, under a desk or within the wall.

4K Camera Systems

4K Arm Camera

  • Presents vivid, detailed video from the surgical field at 4K 60p resolution
  • Offers PTZ control, 30x optical zoom, and smooth positioning

4K and HD Surgical Displays

Vividimage® 4K Surgical Display

  • 31.1" Ultra High Definition surgical display
  • Delivers four times the detail of High Definition displays

Vividimage® D Surgical Display

  • 27" High Definition (HD) color surgical display
  • Glare-free image clarity for enhanced depth perception

Vividimage® W 4K Wall Displays

  • Wall-mounted medical-grade display with a large 65" viewing area
  • Delivers four times the detail of High Definition (HD) displays

Vividimage® W High-Definition Wall Displays

  • Available in 42", 50" and 55” High Definition wall display options
  • Delivers exceptionally crisp, bright and realistic images
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