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Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

STERIS offers a broad range of instrument cleaning chemistries, from point-of-use treatment in the operating room to manual cleaning and automated washing in the sterile processing department (SPD). These products are specifically formulated for the healthcare environment to clean tough soils while being gentle on instruments with compatibility across a wide range of materials.

When cleaning medical devices, selecting the correct instrument cleaning chemistry is vital to minimize potential damage to the device and avoid residual soil on instruments, which can result in additional reprocessing cycles. STERIS’s full range of instrument cleaning solutions helps ensure thorough cleaning before sterilization or high-level disinfection processes. Select an instrument cleaning chemistry below to view offerings by category, including point-of-use treatment, manual cleaning, automated and ultrasonic washing, or liquid descalers and lubricants.

Point of Use Products

Point of Use Products

  • Time is essential in reprocessing instruments. STERIS has specifically formulated PRE-KLENZ™ pre-treatment products to initiate cleaning in the procedure room quickly.

Sterile processing worker conducting manual cleaning at the sink with Prolystica products

Manual Cleaning Chemistries

  • Manual cleaning at the sink is often the first step in the decontamination space of sterile processing. STERIS manual cleaning chemistries are formulated specifically to help optimize the cleaning of difficult soils.

Cart Washer Chemistries

Automated Washing Cleaning Chemistries

  • STERIS automated washing chemistries provide superior cleaning in healthcare washer/disinfectors, cart washers, and ultrasonic cleaners with exceptional performance on heavily soiled devices.

Prolystica Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

Prolystica Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

  • Prolystica Instrument Cleaning Chemistries offer exceptional cleaning capabilities while protecting your instruments from harm caused by repeated exposure to water, aggressive soils, and hundreds of reprocessing cycles.

Specialty Chemistries

Liquid Descalers and Instrument Lubricants

  • Our descalers help remove hard water scale deposits and instrument rust while maintaining stainless steel surfaces. Instrument lubricants help extend the life of your surgical devices by keeping them operating freely and easily.
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