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Prolystica® Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

Prolystica Instrument Cleaning Chemistries offer exceptional cleaning capabilities. Both Prolystica 2x Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries and Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries help to provide Sterile Processing Department savings beyond the surface, offering cleaning beyond compare and sustainability beyond expectations.

STERIS has considered every factor in your process to develop formulations that positively impact your bottom line. Beyond exceptional cleaning, Prolystica cleaning chemistries help mitigate medical device damage caused by repeated exposure to water, aggressive soils, and hundreds of reprocessing cycles. Select a product category below to learn more about the Prolystica product line.


Polystica® 2x Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries

Prolystica® 2x Concentrate
Cleaning Chemistries

Prolystica 2X Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries are formulated for exceptional cleaning in a manual application, as well as use in an ultrasonic cleaner or automated washer/disinfector.

Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries

Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries

Prolystica Ultra Concentrates Cleaning Chemistries are designed for automated cleaning. These 10X concentrated chemistries work together to clean and protect your surgical instruments.