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Point of Use Products

STERIS's products for the point-of-use treatment of surgical devices include PRE-KLENZ™ Point of Use Processing Gel, designed to initiate the cleaning of surgical instruments following a procedure. Our endoscope point-of-use treatment products help promote effective device reprocessing by pre-cleaning the instrument to help loosen soils. Browse STERIS’s point-of-use products for surgical, endoscopic, and robotic instruments.

Pre-Klenz point of use processing gel being used to clean surgical instruments

PRE-KLENZ™ Point of Use Processing Gel

  • Initiates cleaning of surgical instruments at point of use, without handling instruments
  • Proven to prohibit drying of soils on instruments for up to 72 hours
  • Protects surgical instruments with built-in corrosion inhibitors

PRE-KLENZ Soak Shield being used to clean a surgical instrument

Pre-Klenz™ Soak Shield

  • Initiates the pretreatment process of robotic, surgical, and endoscopic instruments at the bedside
  • Provides device tip protection while simultaneously soaking and cleaning during transport
  • Ready-to-use, single-use application allows for easy, quick application

Endoscope Point of Use Pre-Cleaning

Endoscope Point of Use Pre-Cleaning

  • Bedside pre-cleaning products prevent drying of hard-to-clean soils on endoscopes at the point of use, making them easier to clean during processing.
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