HarmonyAIR® Surgical Booms

HarmonyAIR Surgical Booms – also known as equipment columns and supply heads – have a sleek and compact design, allowing the nurse line of sight to the sterile field and the surgeon unrestricted access to the patient. STERIS offers multiple options including straight drop units and single or dual arm units to ensure that your patients are covered shoulder-to-shoulder and head-to-foot. The HarmonyAIR Surgical Booms provide a maximum weight capacity of 450 lbs, yet easily move through the operating room with grace and precision on high performance, ultra-glide bearings. An integrated smoke evacuation system, expansion modules, and hundreds of available accessories allow the unit to grow as needs evolve.

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harmonycare critical care boom

HarmonyCARE critical care boom

  • Replaces the head wall, providing for greater continuity of care and improved workflow
  • Enables procedures to be performed at bedside
  • Allows for safer, quicker access to head of bed

harmonyair® equipment column

HarmonyAIR equipment column

  • Sleek, compact design
  • Multiple arm length combinations with optional vertical adjustment capability
  • Precision placement with electromechanical brakes and robust bearings
  • Future-ready for modular growth with accessories

harmonyair® supply head

HarmonyAIR equipment column

  • Compact horizontal orientation for anesthesia and perfusion needs
  • Straight drop units for small spaces
  • Multiple arm length combinations with optional vertical adjustment capability
  • Up to 20 service locations with additional monitor arm mount

harmonyair® smoke evacuation system

HarmonyAIR equipment column

  • Integrated installation and compact design frees vital shelf space
  • Variable filter life reduces per procedure costs
  • Covered 3 port filter access accommodates a variety of tube sizes and accessory options

harmonyair® accessories

HarmonyAIR equipment column

  • Hundreds of customizable accessories available
  • Provides flexibility, modularity, and ergonomics in the OR
  • Choose from clinical and equipment shelves, equipment rails, IV and medical gas support, monitor arms, and organization tools

harmonyair® monitor carrier

HarmonyAIR equipment column

  • Monitor mounting system for complex room environments
  • Compatible with any imaging vendor and imaging system
  • 4 configurations available to accommodate multiple specialties or requirements
  • Large horizontal and vertical adjustment ranges for precise positioning
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