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STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Mizuho OSI Spinal Surgery Top

STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Mizuho OSI Spinal Surgery Top

  • Brand: Mizuho OSI
  • Key Feature: 500 lbs. capacity, radiolucent open frame, supports 180° rotation with flat top, compatible with all OSI bases
  • Clinical Application: Supports wide range of imaging, vascular, orthopedic spine, supine, and lateral positions


Offers safe rotation of the patient. Also enables anterior/posterior procedures without the use of additional tables. The OSI Spinal Top is an efficient multiplanar intraoperative imaging solution.

  • Radiolucent Spinal Frame Top


  • Product specifications and information could differ depending on the date of manufacture, product series, or model or as determined by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and are subject to change. As a reseller of pre-owned equipment, STERIS refurbishes to known or available performance characteristics for the specific series or model of product.
  • STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment may or may not include the original OEM resource materials (e.g. instruction manuals, guides, and other documentation).
  • For warranty information please see: Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Warranty
  • Operations located in North America; STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment is intended for sale within the Americas.


102 in (259 cm)


32 in (81 cm)

Maximum permissible load (anatomic)

500 lbs. (227 kg)

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