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STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

STERIS Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) offers surgical equipment that has been Certified Refurbished to ensure maximum performance. Certified Refurbished equipment, including surgical tables and select surgical table accessories, is certified to as-new condition from both an internal and external perspective. STERIS CPO restores the equipment’s exterior surfaces aesthetically to as-new condition. All components are certified to work according to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards to ensure operational performance.

Learn more about the Certified Pre-Owned 42-Point Certification refurbishment process and browse available equipment by category. Select a product category below to view available equipment and request a quote.


View available Certified Pre-Owned Refurbished surgical tables and surgical table accessories. These products are thoroughly inspected and restored from both an aesthetic and operational standpoint. All Certified Refurbished surgical equipment and accessories have a two-year warranty.

Certified Pre-Owned Refurbished Surgical Equipment

Certified Pre-Owned Surgical Tables

Browse STERIS CPO refurbished surgical tables that undergo a thorough 42-Point Certification Process to review the equipment for performance and operations.

Certified Pre-Owned Refurbished Surgical Equipment

Certified Pre-Owned Surgical Table Accessories

Certified Pre-Owned refurbished surgical table accessories are inspected to ensure the products are restored to an as-new condition and meet OEM performance standards.


Surgical Table being refurbished and inspected through a rigorous 42-Point Certification Process.

42-Point Certification Process

Learn more about our surgical table refurbishment 42-Point Certification Process that thoroughly inspects and refurbishes each table. This process ensures that each surgical table is certified from an aesthetic and operational standpoint to maintain an as-new condition.