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STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

STERIS Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) offers refurbished equipment that has been certified by STERIS to ensure maximum performance. STERIS CPO refurbishes equipment to like-new condition from both an internal and external perspective. All components are certified to work according to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards1 to ensure operational performance. STERIS CPO restores the equipment’s exterior surfaces aesthetically to like-new condition.

Learn more about the STERIS Certified Pre-Owned 42-Point Certification refurbishment process and browse available equipment by category. Select a product category below to view available equipment and request a quote.


View available STERIS CPO surgical tables and surgical table accessories. This equipment is thoroughly inspected and restored both aesthetically and operationally to like-new condition. Refurbished surgical equipment and accessories have a two-year warranty.

Certified Pre-Owned Refurbished Surgical Equipment

STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Surgical Tables

Browse STERIS CPO refurbished surgical tables that undergo STERIS’s CPO 42-Point Certification Process to review the equipment for performance and operations.

Certified Pre-Owned Refurbished Surgical Equipment

STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Surgical Table Accessories

STERIS CPO refurbished surgical table accessories are inspected to ensure the products are restored to like-new condition and meet OEM performance standards.

STERIS Certified Pre-Owned sterile processing equipment

View available Certified Pre-Owned refurbished sterile processing equipment and accessories. These products are thoroughly inspected and restored from both an aesthetic and operational standpoint.

Refurbished Reliance Synergy Single-Chamber Washer

STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Washer Disinfectors

STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Washer/Disinfectors undergo a precise refurbishing and inspection process to ensure like-new condition and meet OEM performance standards.


STERIS Revive Max utilizes certified technicians from our dedicated Certified Pre-Owned refurbishment facility

STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Surgical Table
Revive Max

The STERIS Revive Max Program provides Customers with a way to maintain and restore their existing surgical tables to like-new condition. The Revive Max Program leverages STERIS’s dedicated Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Equipment refurbishment facility to assure the surgical table’s mechanical operations and physical aesthetics are certified to meet OEM standards.

Surgical Table being refurbished and inspected through a rigorous 42-Point Certification Process.

42-Point Certification Process

Learn more about our 42-Point Certification Process that thoroughly inspects and refurbishes each STERIS Certified Pre-Owned product. This process ensures that each product is certified aesthetically and operationally to maintain a like-new condition.


  • Product specifications and information may differ depending on the date of manufacture, product series or model, or as determined by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and are subject to change. As a reseller of STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment, STERIS refurbishes to known or available OEM specifications and information for the specific series or model of product.
  • STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment may or may not include the original OEM resource materials (e.g., instruction manuals, guides, and other documentation).
  • For warranty information, please see: STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Warranty
  • Operations located in North America; STERIS Certified Pre-Owned Equipment is intended for sale within the Americas.