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Washing and Decontamination Systems

The high demands of modern Central Sterile Services Departments call for efficient, compliant, and high-capacity washing and decontamination systems. STERIS washer disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners, hospital cart washers, and decontamination sinks, along with accessories and chemistries, offer CSSDs the productivity and efficiency they require to maximize uptime and stay compliant. From single-chamber washer disinfectors made to maximize productivity with minimal utility usage, to decontamination sinks that provide automated dosing and temperature monitoring to promote compliance, STERIS washing and decontamination solutions are designed to fit every facility's decontamination needs.

Washer Disinfectors

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Washer Disinfectors
Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • Small, medium, and large single-chamber washer/disinfectors
  • Multi-chamber washer/disinfectors
  • InnoWave™ Sonic Irrigators
  • Caviwave® Ultrasonic Washers

Hospital Cart Washers

Decontamination Sinks

Hospital Cart Washers
Decontamination Sinks
  • Reliance® 1200 Series Cart Washers
  • Vision® 1300 Series Cart Washers
  • Case Carts
  • Single, dual and triple bay sinks
  • Height-adjustable and fixed height sinks

Related Products

Washer Racks

Washer Racks

  • 2,3,4 and 5 level racks
  • Multi-function and special purpose racks
  • Compatible with AMSCO and Reliance Washer/Disinfectors
Prolystica Surgical Cleaning Chemistries Instrument

Prolystica® Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

  • Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries
  • Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Cleaning HP Chemistries
Cleaning Verification

Cleaning Verification

    Cleaning Indicator
  • VERIFY™ All Clean Test
    Washer Indicator
Water Treatment System

Water Treatment System

  • Reverse Osmosis/Deionization Water Treatment Systems
Sensor-Activated Pass-Through Window

Pass-Through Window

  • Designed to pass through non-submersible or temperature-sensitive devices
  • 25" set-down counter on both sides of the window
  • Available in 28", 34" and 40" widths
Prep and Pack Workstations

Prep and Pack Workstations

  • Ergonomically designed to reduce employee stress and strain
  • Promotes organization and efficient workflow
  • Available in electronic, height adjustable configurations
SCS Conveyor System

Washer Conveyor System

  • Load/unload system that feeds one washer to a fully automated system that links several washers in a self-contained reprocessing loop
  • Flexible design can be extended to fit future growth