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Bariatric Accessories for Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a specialty aimed at helping patients lose weight by making changes to their digestive system. The most common bariatric surgical procedures are gastric bypass, laparoscopic sleeve and adjustable gastric banding. During these procedures, one of the most common patient positions in the surgical table is lithotomy with reverse Trendelenburg.

In order to help ensure both patient safety and surgeon accessibility during procedures, bariatric surgical table accessories are used to maintain proper patient positioning. Split leg positioners are often used as they provide mid-line access to the patient with independent controls for full abduction/adduction as well as high and low lithotomy positioning. Other common bariatric table accessories include a fluid collection system, foot extension, table extenders and knee restraint straps. Browse available bariatric accessories for STERIS operating room tables.

STERIS PowerLift Plus Adult Stirrups

PowerLift Plus Stirrups

  • Lateral fin protects patients from peroneal nerve injuries
  • Velcro®-less straps allow for easy cleaning
  • Increased range of motion
  • PowerLift activation eliminates caregiver strain

Power Lift Stirrups

Power-Lift Stirrups

  • Ergonomic, pneumatic lift-assist for safe patient handling
  • Single handle action for full articulation and range of motion
  • Padded, booted stirrup for comfort and
    full support
  • Variety of sizes for diverse patient needs

Bariatric OR table width extender

Bariatric Width Extenders

  • Provides an extra 8" (4" on each side) of surgical table width on all 4 sections of the table
  • Easily attach onto the siderail of the surgical table by sliding into place
  • Locks into position with a simple turn of the locking knob
  • Maximum patient weight capacity is equivalent to that of the table

Bariatric Table Width Extenders

8 Inch Table Width Extenders

  • Extends table width from 20" to 36"where needed
  • Attaches to any OR table rail with blade clamp (sold separately)
  • Adjustable bariatric table extender height eliminates need for multiple-size pads
  • 8" wide and and available in lengths of 15" or 11"

Bariatric Foot Extension

Bariatric Foot Extension

  • The Bariatric Foot Extension is 28-inches wide to accommodate the STERIS general surgical tables with the Bariatric Extenders attached to the tables' siderails.

Bariatric Fluid Collection System

Bariatric Fluid Collection System

  • The Bariatric Fluid Collection System is ideal for use in cystoscopic or hysteroscopic procedures, and comes with the flexible drape support (pictured) and a fluid collection bag.

Bariatric Nissen Thigh Straps

Bariatric Nissen Thigh Straps

  • Bariatric thigh strap to support patients during steep reverse Trendelenburg positioning
  • Thigh straps for reverse Trendelenberg position have integral clamps and attach tightly to table rails
  • These Nissen thigh straps are sold in pairs
  • Patient weight capacity: 1,000 lbs. (227 kg)

Knee Restraint Strap (Pair)

Knee Restraint Strap (PAIR)

  • The broad pads on these straps safely prevent the knee from flexing during surgery and feature a full-length VELCRO® Brand closure for a snug fit.

Clamshell Pads

Clamshell Pads for Bariatric PowerLift Stirrup

  • Bariatric stirrup replacement pad for Bariatric Powerlift Stirrup (BF454)
  • Bariatric stirrup pads have hook and loop fasteners for simple positioning of the patient's foot/ankle
  • Clamshell pads are sold in pairs
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