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Surgical Table Accessories for Anesthesia Care

Anesthesia is used in surgery to minimize pain and discomfort for patients. There are four main categories of anesthesia: local, regional, monitored anesthesia care (MAC) and general anesthesia. Surgical procedures that involve anesthesia care may require the use of table accessories like an arm board or ether screen for patient positioning considerations. An arm board supports the patient's arm for the administration of anesthesia through intravenous (IV) fluids. The purpose of an ether screen, or anesthesia screen, is to support a surgical drape to separate the surgical field from the anesthesia field to reduce the risk of contamination.

STERIS surgical table accessories and equipment help to ensure operating tables are appropriately equipped for procedures requiring anesthesia.

STERIS Patient Warming System

STERIS Patient Warming System

  • Provides heat to the patient before, during or after procedures in the operating room.
  • Uses conductive, not convective, heat transfer through direct contact between the patient and the surgical table

Patient positioning headrest for tracheal intubation

Dual Articulating Headrest

  • Enables versatile positioning for anesthesia providers and surgical team
  • Offers built-in tilt and height capability
  • Facilitates improved patient airway management
  • Simplifies lateral patient positioning, supine positioning (where sedation is used), or post-intubation

Anesthesia Armboard

Anesthesia Armboard

  • Lightweight, carbon fiber design
  • Distal end trigger for full horizontal rotation
  • Universal compatibility to North American standard siderails

Radiolucent arm board

Adjustable Height Armboard

  • Accommodates a wide-range of patient arm positions and procedural needs
  • Vertical height adjustment allows for easy use with or without x-ray tops
  • Eliminates need for multiple-sized armboard pads
  • Fits all standard NA operating room table rails

IV Armboard

IV Armboard

  • Integral easy attachment clamp
  • Full horizontal rotation with distal end trigger
  • Universal compatibility to North American standard siderails

A-Line Positioner is a surgical foam patient positioner for A-line insertions.

Disposable A-Line Positioner

  • Easy to use device for all A-line insertions
  • Anatomically formed foam base with soft edge straps
  • Single use, disposable surgical foam positioner
  • Sold 12 per case 

Flexible Anesthesia Screen

Flexible Anesthesia Screen

  • Malleable and conforms to any desired shape
  • Easily mounts to table siderails with 5/8" round post
  • Plastic encased metal link construction remains stable as shaped

Winged Ether Screen

Winged Ether Screen #1401

  • Winged Ether Screen #1401 features two extension arms to support surgical drapes.

Universal Ether Screen

Universal Ether Screen with Clark Socket

  • Universal Ether Screen with Clark Socket supports surgical drape and is mounted on a ball joint for positioning flexibility.

Transducer Holder

Transducer Holder

  • Transducer Holder provides a rigid, stable post for securing a transducer at the appropriate height for neuro and cardiac surgery.