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Dual Articulating Headrest

  • Enables versatile positioning for anesthesia providers and surgical team
  • Offers built-in tilt and height capability
  • Facilitates improved patient airway management
  • Simplifies lateral patient positioning, supine positioning (where sedation is used), or post-intubation


The Dual Articulating Headrest enables more versatile patient positioning for the anesthesia care team. Tilt & height capability of the headrest facilitates improved patient airway management/tracheal intubation and simplifies lateral patient positioning.

How the Dual Articulating Headrest Works

With the ability to easily tilt and raise/lower the patient’s head, the Dual Articulating Headrest provides the anesthesia provider with the clinical access they need to intubate the patient. Also ideal for lateral patient positioning during surgery, the Dual Articulating Headrest can raise to accommodate and support the patient’s head in lateral position, eliminating the need for additional positioning devices. 

Why the Dual Articulating Headrest?

Adjusting the patient’s head position is important for anesthesia providers and OR caregivers during a surgical procedure. Anesthesia providers are tasked with intubating patients in induction phase of most surgeries. Positioning the patient’s head as needed for the procedure is critical in creating a clinically appropriate view for performing successful laryngoscopies and tracheal intubations.

Surgical Table Compatibility

  • STERIS 4085/4095 General Surgical Table
  • STERIS 5085/5095 General Surgical Table
Product Number Description
BF753 Dual Articulating Headrest, 4085/4095/5085/5095, Velcro Top, Pad Not Included
BF754 Dual Articulating Headrest, 4085/4095/5085/5095, Velcroless (Mushroom) Top, Pad Not Included

12" (13" with side rails) L x 20" (22" with side rails) W x 2.5" H

Tilt Range: +90°/-90°

Tilt Increments: Every 7.5°

Height Range: +7" (from level)


For STERIS 4085/4095 & 5085/5095 Models (STERIS Surgical Tables with Traditional Hook-and-Loop fasteners): 

  • BF581 (2" TLT Pad)
  • BF228 (3" TLT Pad)
  • BF292 (4" TLT Pad)

For STERIS 4085/4095 & 5085/5095 Models (STERIS Surgical Tables with Mushroom Cap attachment): 

  • BF273 (2" PRS Pad with Mushroom Attachment)
  • BF280 (3" PRS Pad with Mushroom Attachment)
  • BF246 (4” PRS Pad with Mushroom Attachment)

Surgical tables

STERIS® 4095 General Surgical Table

  • Optional, Integrated STERIS Patient Warming System warms patients before, during or after the procedure
  • Large imaging window of 86" allows for easy C-arm access

STERIS® 5095 General Surgical Table

  • Versatile general surgical table designed to accommodate virtually all patients with generous weight and height ranges
  • Provides exceptionally low height (22.8") for MIS, robotic and bariatric techniques without sacrificing the high height needed for orthopedic and cardiac procedures

STERIS® 5085 General Surgical Table

  • Low height for performance suites requiring versatility
  • Provides unrestricted perineal access with a removable leg section

STERIS® 4085 General Surgical Table

  • Exceptionally intuitive design to save valuable minutes in the OR
  • Compact base size to maximize easy access with self-leveling floor locks
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