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Reusable Test Packs

The VERIFY® All-In-One STEAM Reusable Test Pack, when used as a Biological Indicator (BI) or Chemical Indicator (CI) test pack, is used to challenge standard 270°F 4-minute or 270°F 10-minute extended steam sterilization cycles. Streamline inventory and free up space by eliminating 100 lbs of paper waste compared to traditional paper test packs.

  • Lower costs with up to a 30% savings on steam sterility assurance testing*
  • Maintain compliance The Celerity Xtend 10 test pack is validated for monitoring extended 10-minute cycles
  • Meet sustainability goals while freeing up storage space occupied by disposable test packs


Reusable Test Packs

Accessories for the VERIFY® All-in-One STEAM Reusable Test Pack

Celerity 20 Steam BI

Celerity™ 20 Steam Biological Indicator

  • Fast 20-minute results for load monitoring
  • Easy to use twist and flick activation means no separate activator needed
  • Integrated barcode label makes electronic documentation easy

STERIS Type 5 integrating indicators.

VERIFY® Steam Integrating Indicator

  • Type 5 integrating indicator that verifies all critical parameters of the steam sterilization cycle have been met
  • Moving-front ink technology provides clear interpretation between pass and fail outcomes
  • Available in both 4-inch and 2-inch sizes to fit your specific needs

Celerity Xtend

Celerity™ Xtend 10 Assembly

  • Biological Indicator (BI) Test Pack validated for extended10-minute cycles
  • 20-minute BI incubation time for fast results and quick device turn-around
  • Validated for use only with the VERIFY All-In-One STEAM Reusable Test Pack

VERIFY BOWIE-DICK indicator strips

VERIFY Bowie-Dick Indicator Strips

  • Designed for exclusive use with the VERIFY All-In-One STEAM Reusable Test Pack
  • Moving front chemical indicator technology takes the guess work out of Air Removal/Bowie Dick test interpretation

VERIFY SixCess MF4 Steam Emulating Indicator

VERIFY SixCess MF4 Steam Emulating Indicator

  • Type 6 emulating chemical indicator monitoring all critical parameters of a steam sterilization cycle
  • Validated for commonly used prevacuum 270°F/132°C, 4-minute steam sterilizer cycles
  • Moving front indicator with clear results

* Compared to the cost of leading competitor products

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