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STERIS® 7080 General Surgical Table

  • All-electric operation for smooth, precise movement
  • Outstanding surgical site access and a generous imaging window
  • The most extensive articulating range and patient weight capacity ever offered by STERIS
  • Integrated X-ray cassette channel under the tabletop
  • 22” tabletop slide produces 86.5” total body anatomic imaging


Product Overview

The STERIS® 7080 General Surgical Table is a highly versatile electromechanical operating room (OR) table that offers exceptional surgical site access and C-arm imaging capability. This surgery table has the largest patient weight capacity and articulation range STERIS has ever offered and features ultra-precise movements, sophisticated control, user feedback, patient safety features, and overall ease of use that are essential for a modern OR environment.

The all-electric 7080 table is designed to support nearly all surgical specialties, including cardiovascular, respiratory/thoracic, bariatric, robotic, general, endoscopic, gynecologic, urologic, neurosurgical, ear, nose, and throat (ENT), spinal, orthopedic, vascular, and ophthalmic procedures. This operating table can be converted into specialized surgical configurations using STERIS table extensions and accessories for highly complex medical procedures.

How the STERIS 7080 General Surgical Table Works

This general surgical table is meant to cater to the widest variety of patients and procedures and is ready to adapt to future OR technology. Its radiolucent tabletop and superb tabletop slide (22”) provide unprecedented imaging window access to the anatomy (86.5” total body imaging). An interactive and informative hand control offers a large LCD screen, dedicated buttons for smooth patient positioning, return-to-level, floor lock activation, and more. Backlit colored buttons provide quick and confident identification of the most frequently used functions, and a convenient task light allows for locating items on and under the surgical table when OR lights are low.

Surgical Table Benefits and Functions

The 7080 General Surgical Table can accommodate virtually any size, supporting patients up to 700 lb. (318 kg) in any position with a full tabletop slide and unrestricted articulation. Operating table articulations can be controlled individually or in synchronous movements, rapidly enabling articulated positions for convenience and speedily returning to level for emergencies. A single button press achieves the beach chair (Fowler’s) position in normal or reverse orientation. An LCD screen on the hand control provides information on basic table status, patient position, service diagnostics, and potential table section interference through the anti-collision system.

The 7080 surgical table will achieve a minimum height of 22” and a maximum height of 45”. The table will attain 45° Trendelenburg and Reverse-Trendelenburg, as well as 25° of lateral tilt. The 22” powered longitudinal slide facilitates surgical site access, empowers comfortable and ergonomic positioning for the surgeon, and enables entire body C-arm imaging access from the top of the sternum to the toes and from the femoral artery to the top of the head. An integrated X-ray channel below the tabletop allows for effortless loading of mobile X-ray cassettes along the entire span of the table.

Additional 7080 General Surgical Table Features

  • The compact stainless-steel base offers maximum foot access for the surgeon, which is easy to clean and includes large caster wheels, allowing the table to be easily moved by any hospital staff
  • A touch panel backup control mounted on the table column for use in emergencies
  • Dual-Articulating Head Section that accommodates advanced positioning for anesthesia providers and creates ease in positioning of the head in lateral patient position
  • Featherweight Leg Section that is easy and safe to remove and reinstall
  • Motorized radiolucent kidney elevator
  • Collision detection technology to prevent self-collision or damage during use
  • Battery- or AC-powered operation modes include an intuitive battery level indicator
  • Foot pedal control integration (optional)
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Patient Positioning

Proper patient positioning is critical to the success of any medical procedure. It ensures optimal surgical site visualization and reduces the risk of complications. The STERIS 7080 General Surgical Table can support your OR team for nearly all surgical specialties. From adjustable surgical tables to specialized positioning accessories, our products are designed to enhance patient safety and optimize surgical outcomes.

Bariatric - Nissen Fundoplication Patient Positioning

Bariatric - Nissen Fundoplication

Bariatrics - Split Leg Patient Positioning

Bariatric - Split Leg

Cardiovascular and General Patient Positioning

Cardiovascular and General

Cystoscopy, Urology, and Gynecology Patient Positioning

Cystoscopy, Urology, and Gynecology

Kidney and Thoracic Patient Positioning

Kidney and Thoracic

Kneeling Prone Patient Positioning

Kneeling Prone

Lateral Neurosurgery Patient Positioning

Lateral Neurosurgery

Lower Extremity Orthopedics Patient Positioning

Lower Extremity Orthopedics

Prone Neurosurgery Patient Positioning

Prone Neurosurgery

Robotics Steep Trendelenburg Patient Positioning

Robotics Steep Trendelenburg

Seated Neurosurgery Patient Positioning

Seated Neurosurgery

Spinal Surgery- Prone Patient Positioning

Spinal Surgery - Prone

Supine Neurosurgery Patient Positioning

Supine Neurosurgery

Upper Extremity Orthopedics Patient Positioning

Upper Extremity Orthopedics

Vascular Patient Positioning


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Table Specifications

Surgery Table Dimensions

Specification Description
Tabletop Length 83.2” (2111 mm)
Tabletop Width 21.6” (548 mm)
Tabletop Width with Siderails 23.5” (597 mm)
Base Length 44.5” (1131 mm)
Base Width 23.1” (597 mm)
Base Height 7.2” (183mm)
Product Weight (unloaded) 770 lb. (349 kg)

Surgery Table Articulation Specifications

Specification Description
Height Range 22” to 45” (559 to 1140 mm)
Tabletop Slide Range 21.6” (547mm) total
10.8” (273.5mm) to Head and Foot
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg 45° / 45°
Lateral Tilt (L/R) +/- 25°
Head Section Tilt Up/ Down +/- 90°
Head Section Height Up +8.5” (216 mm)
Back Section +90° / -50°
Leg Section +80° / -105°
Flex / Reflex 130° / 90°
Kidney Elevator Height Up 4” (102mm)

Patient Weight Capacity

Patient Weight Description
1200 lb. (544 kg) Raise or lower only in Normal orientation (no tabletop articulation or slide)
1000 lb. (454 kg) All tabletop articulations except tabletop slide in Normal or Reverse patient orientation
700 lb. (318 kg) All tabletop articulations, including tabletop slide in Normal or Reverse patient orientation

Imaging Window Specifications

Specification Description
Total Body 86.5” (2,197 mm) x 16-15/16” (430 mm)
Upper Body 44.0” (1,118 mm) x 16-15/16” (430 mm)
Lower Body 42.5” (1,079 mm) x 16-15/16” (430 mm)
Backup Control (Keypad) YES
Perineal Cutout YES
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