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Acu-sInQ 2 Chemistry Dosing System

  • Automated, precise dosing of concentrated cleaning chemistries
  • Automatic notifications if temperature is outside of correct range
  • Integrated reporting capabilities


The Acu-sInQ™ 2 Chemistry Dosing System is designed to deliver precise dosing of concentrated cleaning chemistries during manual cleaning, while providing integrated reporting capabilities to help ensure consistent reprocessing success.

How the Acu-sInQ 2 Chemistry Dosing System Works

The Acu-sInQ 2 Chemistry Dosing System uses an electronically controlled peristaltic pump and flow meters to dispense cleaning chemistries.

Why the Acu-sInQ 2 Chemistry Dosing System?


  • Provides sufficient cleaning chemistry flow with integrated flow meter technology
  • Eliminates inconsistent dosing, setting the stage for optimal surgical instrument cleaning
  • Provides cost controls


  • Provides usage reports both on-screen and USB download
  • Out of temperature range and out of chemistry notifications
  • Prevents splashing by automatically dispensing under water

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  • Enhanced instrument visibility in the sink through reduced cloudiness

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  • Dual-enzyme formula shortens the length of cleaning process


Point of Use Products

  • STERIS's products for point-of-use processing including PRE-KLENZ® Instrument Transport Gel and PRE-KLENZ Soak Shield are designed to initiate cleaning of surgical instruments following a procedure, making reprocessing easier.

Instrument Cleaning Brushes

  • Efficient cleaning with the right brush for each device, from channel brushes to burr brushes and pipe cleaner brushes
  • Inhibit growth of bacteria, mold, and yeast on brush surfaces with nylon bristles embedded with a preservative agent

VERIFY® RESI-TEST™ Cleaning Indicators

  • Quick results in less than 10 seconds
  • Verify acceptable levels of protein after cleaning
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