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Revital-Ox Endoscopy Channel Cleaning Brushes

  • Endoscope cleaning brushes with multiple sizes available for your entire scope inventory
  • Maintain device integrity and achieve cleaning with non-abrasive nylon bristles
  • Increase brush visibility during reprocessing with fluorescent rounded brush tips 


STERIS Endoscopy's line of endoscope channel cleaning brushes are designed to gently remove soils from endoscope channels, accessories, and control heads. These single-use brushes come in a variety of designs to meet your preference, while providing optimal cleaning efforts and protecting your devices.

Revital-Ox™ Endoscopy Channel Cleaning Brushes

  • Designed to gently remove soils from endoscopes
  • Maneuverable through complex lumens
  • Non-abrasive nylon bristles maximize cleaning efforts and minimize the potential for costly scratches to endoscopes
  • Fluorescent rounded tip increases brush visibility during reprocessing and protects against scope damage

Revital-Ox™ Single-Ended Channel Brush -
 dedicated for cleaning endoscope channels
Revital-Ox™ Dual-Ended Pull Through Channel Brush - design allows you to push debris through with leading brush then remove remaining debris with trailing brush
Revital-Ox™ All-in-One Channel and Valve/Control Brush - channel brush at one end and a valve control brush at the other end provides you a greater degree of flexibility when cleaning
Revital-Ox™ Valve/Control Brush - helps you remove residual soils from control head and valve openings with an ergonomic design for a relaxed and balanced grip

VERIFY™ RESI-TEST™ Cleaning Indicators

VERIFY RESI-TEST Cleaning Indicators are designed to detect a broad spectrum of protein and protein residues with a sensitivity of ≥ 1μg. Both indicators are intended for use after manual or automated cleaning and prior to high level disinfection or sterilization.
Product Number Description Length Channel Diameter Unit/Box
2D75QV Revital-Ox™ Single-Ended Channel Brush 230cm 2.0-7.0mm 50
2D76QH Revital-Ox™ Dual-Ended Pull Through Channel Brush 230cm 2.0-7.0mm 100
2D77QH Revital-Ox™ All-In-One Channel & Valve/Control Brush 230cm 2.0-7.0mm 100
2D78QV Revital-Ox™ Valve/Control Brush N/A N/A 50
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