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Dilator Cleaning Brush

  • Single-use cleaning brush intended for manual cleaning of the lumen of reusable Savary / American dilators
  • 3mm diameter (12mm bristle area length) nylon brush head features a protective tip to help guard against inadvertent damage during cleaning
  • 90cm long flexible stainless steel shaft supports maneuverability with a loop handle at the end to aid in the removal of the brush
  • Compatible with most commonly used wire-guided dilators

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Product Overview

In a typical esophageal dilation procedure, up to three wire-guided dilators can be used to widen esophageal strictures. Classified as semi-critical devices, dilators are required to undergo high-level disinfection between cases.

Thorough manual cleaning is vital to effective disinfection, and the STERIS Dilator Brush is designed to support this step in the reprocessing cycle. Intended to clean Savary-Gilliard and American dilators, our dilator brush features a long, flexible stainless-steel shaft and a brush head with a protective tip to allow you to maneuver through the lumen as necessary to remove gross soil and debris.

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Product Number Diameter Bristle Area Length Overall Length Quantity
EB10140 3mm 12mm 90cm 1/each
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