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Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing: Your solution to multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO) and a higher standard of care

  • Since 2015, patients have been infected by contaminated endoscopes at more than a dozen major hospitals; some of these infections resulted in patient deaths

  • High Level Disinfection is not sterilization. Repeat or double HLD has been shown not to provide significant reduction in microorganisms vs. single HLD


  • A recent safety communication recommends hospitals consider reprocessing duodenoscopes using a liquid chemical sterilant processing system




Study finds nearly three-quarters of commonly used medical endoscopes tainted by bacteria.
Modern Healthcare reports.




Patient-ready bronchoscopes found to be contaminated despite cleaning and disinfection.
Infection Control Today reports.




Are your endoscopes clean? Communique looks at the risks facing hospitals.




Government organizations are concerned about infections
associated with reprocessed endoscopes.




Contaminated duodenoscopes linked to 3 deaths, 45 more infections.
MedTech examines the issue.



The complexity of endoscope anatomy. See diagrams and explanations of these
complex devices from Science Direct.




It's Impossible to Completely Clean Dirty Endoscopes." Read the NBC News report.




Double or repeat high-level disinfection (HLD) is no more effective than single
high-level disinfection, study by Olympus Corporation finds.


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Ongoing challenges of endoscope reprocessing. Learn more about the challenges in
reprocessing these complex devices from STERIS University.



Ineffectiveness of Reprocessing Techniques Sustains Focus on Need for Improved Quality,
Resources. Read the Infection Control Today article.


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Recent safety communication recommends hospitals consider reprocessing duodenoscopes
using supplemental measures such as sterilization or use of a liquid chemical sterilant
processing system consistent with the device's labeling. August 2019.




CDC Health Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee recommendations for essential
elements of a reprocessing program for flexible endoscopes.


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ANSI/AAMI ST91 Flexible and Semi-Rigid Endoscope Reprocessing in Health Care Facilities
Standard. Learn how.


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Raising the standard of care for flexible endoscopes.

LCS is the most practical solution


Liquid chemical sterilization is the most practical solution for reprocessing endoscopes.
Get the complete story here.


75 percent


It can happen at your hospital. You can't afford the risk and liquid chemical sterilant
processing won't affect your process or budget.




Patient care is never semi-critical. Get the quick facts about patient safety and SYSTEM 1 endo


SYSTEM 1 endo Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System


SYSTEM 1 endo Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System for endoscopes.