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Endoscope Point of Use Pre-Cleaning

Endoscope cleaning begins immediately at bedside and continues through transport with solutions that prevent soils from drying, while protecting devices from damage. STERIS endoscope point of use processing solutions help you meet evolving standards and ease the cleaning process.

Revital-Ox Bedside Complete


  • Endoscopy bedside pre-cleaning kit
  • Ready-to-use with no manual mixing or dilution errors
  • Enzyme pre-cleaning sponge designed to thoroughly clean all crevasses of an endoscope
  • Convenient stand-up pouch helps to prevent spills
  • Available through STERIS US Endoscopy

PRE-KLENZ Soak Shield


  • Effortlessly starts immediate cleaning to loosen and remove stubborn soils through transport
  • Endoscope tip protector for delicate devices during transport
  • Quick and simple application to the device tip at bedside

BioGuard air/water cleaning adapter - Olympus

BioGuard Air/Water Cleaning Adapter - Olympus

  • Disposable cleaning adapter, offering an alternative option to manual reprocessing
  • Offers a unique appearance and warning tag to prevent use during patient procedures
  • Individually packaged to ensure use only during the bedside pre-cleaning process

VIA Bedside Pre-Cleaning Kit

This single-use kit includes a basin and sponge infused with a concentrated enzymatic solution and surfactants to immediately pre-clean an endoscope at bedside.

Revital-Ox Bedside Complete pre-cleaning kit

Revital-Ox Bedside Complete Pre-Cleaning Kit

Ready-to-use enzymatic detergent and infused sponge formulated to pre-clean the interior and exterior of flexible or rigid endoscopes at the bedside immediately following a procedure.

Revital-Ox Bedside Concentrate Pre-Cleaning Kit

Just add water to this bedside pre-cleaning kit to begin reprocessing flexible and rigid endoscopes immediately following procedures.

Revital-Ox Enzymatic Sponge

Revital-Ox Enzymatic Sponge

  • Enzyme pre-cleaning sponge designed to thoroughly clean all crevasses of an endoscope
  • Reliable cleaning performance using pre-diluted Revital-Ox Enzymatic Detergent
  • Sponges are individually packaged to promote patient safety and support infection control guidelines

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