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Critical Care Medical Equipment

Intensive Care Units (ICU) and other critical care environments rely on solutions that are designed to improve workflow efficiency and patient mobility while promoting patient and staff safety. Because each hospital has unique space demands, STERIS’s critical care solutions are customized to the workflow and space requirements of the hospital.

HarmonyCARE Critical Care Boom


  • Replaces the head wall, providing for greater continuity of care and improved workflow
  • Enables procedures to be performed at bedside
  • Allows for safer, quicker access to head of bed

Hexalux Exam Light

HexaLux® Exam Light

  • Delivers up to 65,000 lux of pure, white LED light

  • Includes five light intensity levels and configurations that mount to the ceiling, wall or mobile unit

  • Central handle can be removed and sterilized allowing for full sterile control of all light features

Single Compartment Warming Cabinet

AMSCO® Single Compartment Warming Cabinets

  • Single heating chamber with up to 4.2 cu. ft. total capacity

  • Intended for warming of IV fluids, irrigation solutions, linens and blankets

Surgical Displays and Large Format Displays

Surgical Displays and Large Format Displays

High Definition and 4K Ultra High Definition Displays Designed for Safety and Enhanced Surgical Detail.