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Reverse Trendelenburg Strap (Pair)

Reverse Trendelenburg Strap (Pair)

  • Integral locking clamps for securing to siderails
  • Broad, padded support for patient comfort and security
  • Adjustable, buckle straps for versatility
  • Soil-resistant, easy to thoroughly clean nylon material


Order Number:
BF455 Standard Reverse Trendelenburg Strap
BF563 Bariatric Reverse Trendelenburg Strap

The Reverse Trendelenburg Strap with its nylon body support, adjustable strap, and positioning post is ideal for unilateral support especially for patients in a semi fowler (seated) position as with shoulder procedures. The low profile, wide support provides comfortable safe counter-traction security when placed on the operative side. The entire strap with its smooth surface is easily and thoroughly washable. The Reverse Trendelenburg Strap requires an accessory clamp, sold separately, that accepts round posts for attaching to the table’s siderail.


Reverse Trendelenburg procedures combined with lithotomy or split leg position, e.g. bariatric and urology procedures, or other midline access procedures such as Nissen Fundoplication.

Table Compatibility

Compatible with all surgical tables and table extensions with siderails.

Regular version - 4.5" (11.4 cm) W x 20" (51 cm) L pads with straps adjustable to 48" (122 cm) long
Bariatric version - 7" (17.8 cm) W x 31 1/2" (90 cm) L pads with straps adjustable to 72 3/4" (184.8 cm) long

Weight Capacity:
500 lbs for BF455, 1,000 lbs for BF563
Not manufactured with natural rubber latex

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