Body Restraints

STERIS offers a variety of body restraint accessories for securing patients during extreme surgical table articulations and patient positioning. These body restraints are applicable for steep Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, lateral, prone, supine and semi fowler positioning.

Lateral Brace Assemblies Pair

  • 7" contoured, padded body support
  • Horizontal and vertical padded support positioning
  • Horizontal and vertical posts with angulation locking knobs for versatile positioning
  • Universal compatibility to surgical table siderails

TrenStop Trendelenburg Restraint

TrenStop Trendelenburg Restraint

  • Padded shoulder supports adjustable in width and rotation
  • Universal compatibility with surgical tables of varying widths
  • Unique cervical notch pad for security
  • Ideally suited for steep Trendelenburg positioning

Lateral Safety Strap

Lateral Safety Strap

  • Wide body strap and attachment post for unilateral, counter traction support
  • Low profile, padded support for patient comfort without interference
  • Soil-resistant, easy to thoroughly clean nylon material

Reverse Trendelenburg Strap (Pair)

Reverse Trendelenburg Strap-pair

  • Integral locking clamps for securing to siderails
  • Broad, padded support for patient comfort and security
  • Adjustable, buckle straps for versatility
  • Soil-resistant, easy to thoroughly clean nylon material

Wristlets with Straps and Brackets (Pair)

Wristlets with Straps and Brackets-pair

  • Comfort lined, leather wrist holders with adjustable straps and buckle
  • Includes mounting accessory clamps
  • Fits patients of all size

Patient Restraint Strap

Patient Restraint Strap

  • Quick-connect buckles on distal ends for easy, positive attachment to siderails
  • Soil-resistant, easy to thoroughly clean synthetic elastomer material
  • Wide, reinforced, comfortable support body strap
  • Available in standard and extra-long length for bariatric patients

Solid Lateral Braces (Pair)

Solid Lateral Braces-pair

  • Contoured for appropriate anatomical support
  • Robust, stainless steel, solid cast design
  • Compatible with the kidney elevators on STERIS AMSCO series general surgical tables