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Vividimage® D Surgical Display

  • 27" high definition color surgical display
  • VectorSharp® image enhancement software
  • Glare-free image clarity for enhanced depth perception
  • Vent-free, easy-to-disinfect design supports infection control
  • Durable impact shield protects your technology investment


Setting new benchmarks in image quality with the Vividimage® D HD Surgical Display

The Vividimage® D monitor is designed for the most demanding surgical environments through its delivery of realistic color accuracy, improved visualization of fine structure details, and enhanced depth perception. This HD surgical display can be used to visualize a wide range of image sources.


True-to-Life; Vivid representation across the color spectrum


Beautifully bright; Vivid visualization without the glare


Conspicuous detail through VectorSharp® image enhancement technique for vivid delineation of fine structures.

Surgical Readiness

Vent free to reduce cross contamination
Accepts a diverse range of camera and equipment signals
Microphone for telephone and video conferencing (option)

VectorSharp® Image Enhancement Software

Improve visibility of fine detail

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OR Integration Operating Manuals:

Vividimage® D Surgical Display

26" Surgical Grade Widescreen Monitor

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