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Wrapped Tray with Tape

VERIFY® Steam Indicator Tape

  • Type 1 process indicator tape for steam sterilization
  • Easily adheres materials commonly used in sterile processing
  • Vivid color change provides easy interpretation that items were exposed to a steam cycle


VERIFY® Steam Indicator Tape, a Type 1 Process Indicator as defined by ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1, is a self-adhering sterilization tape with diagonal stripes of chemical indicator ink that will change to a dark brown/black color when exposed to steam sterilization in an autoclave.

How does the VERIFY® Steam Indicator Tape work?

Used to seal steam sterilization packs this autoclave tape will indicate exposer to common steam cycles including 250°F (121°C) gravity, 270°F (132°C) prevacuum, and 270°F (132°C) gravity. If no color change occurs, this may indicate the pack was not exposed to sterilant either from an equipment malfunction or procedural error in the process.

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Why Choose the VERIFY® Steam Indicator Tape?

  • Easy to interpret results with a clear color change to dark brown/black
  • Sterilizer tape surface can be written on with an indelible ink pen without smearing
  • Adheres to common nonwoven or muslin wraps using in sterile processing
  • Provided secure adherence prior to and following steam sterilization in an autoclave
Sterilization Method Steam Sterilization

Product Type

Type 1 Process Indicator

Validated Cycles

250°F (121°C) gravity
270°F (132°C) prevacuum
270°F (132°C) gravity


Tape Width: 1"(25mm)
Tape Length: Approximately 60 yards (55m)
Inside Roll Diameter: 3"(76mm)


260010 (9 rolls)
PD004 (Optional, Tape Dispenser, holds 2 rolls)

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