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VERIFY® Assert Self-Contained Biological Indicator

  • Provides a final read within 40 minutes of incubation
  • For routine monitoring, qualification
  • Easy to use and activate – no separate activator is required



Waiting is the worst

The VERIFY Assert Self-Contained Biological Indicator (SCBI) is a rapid read single-use biological indicator used for monitoring steam sterilization processes, providing a final read within 40 minutes of incubation. The BI is self-contained, reducing the risk of contamination and consequent false positives. Each SCBI vial is inoculated with Geobacillus stearothermophilus bacterial spores and contains a defined medium within the vial cap. The vial cap label contains a process indicator for steam.

How the VERIFY Assert SCBI Works

After a steam sterilization cycle, the process indicator on the vial cap will provide immediate proof of processing. The SCBI is activated using a twist and flick motion and does not require a separate activator. Upon activation, the SCBI is incubated using the VERIFY Incubator for Assert SCBIs. A negative response provided by the incubator indicates conditions for sterilization were met.

Why the VERIFY Assert SCBI?

Speed and Ease of Use

The VERIFY Assert SCBI provides rapid results within 40 minutes so that you can have peace of mind when releasing loads.

Safety and Compliance

The VERIFY Assert SCBI was tested per methods described in ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11138:2006, while the process indicator located on the cap meets the Type 1 chemical indicator requirements of ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1:2014.

Other VERIFY® Assert™ Products

VERIFY® Assert™ STEAM Process Challenge Device

  • Rapid results within 40 minutes
  • For routine monitoring, qualification and load monitoring of dynamic air removal cycles and gravity cycles

VERIFY® Incubator for Assert™ SCBIs

  • Designed exclusively to incubate and read activated VERIFY Assert SCBIs
  • Provides a final readout within 40 minutes

Other Sterility Assurance Products

Celerity™ 20 HP Biological Indicator

  • Provides a final read within 20 minutes of incubation
  • Easy to use and activate – no separate activator is required

VERIFY® Steam Integrating Indicator

  • Seamlessly incorporates three critical variables of steam sterilization: steam, time, and temperature
  • Reduces risk of releasing a non-sterile load before the corresponding BI result is known

Steam Sterilizers

AMSCO® 400 Series Small Steam Sterilizer

  • Validated for 25 lbs. sets
  • Accommodates larger bariatric and orthopedic devices

AMSCO® 400 Series Medium Steam Sterilizer

  • Processes 47% more instruments by weight
  • AAMI ST-8:2008 compliant

AMSCO® Evolution Steam Sterilizer

  • Processes up to 500 lbs. of instruments
  • Elliptical chamber accommodates today’s larger instrument containers

AMSCO® Evolution Floor Loader

  • Processes up to 625 lbs. per load
  • Fully jacketed chamber minimizes condensation

AMSCO® C Series Certified Pre-Owned Small Steam Sterilizer

  • Remanufactured to OEM standards using original STERIS parts
  • Upgraded to meet AAMI Standards* for processing 25 lb. trays

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ConnectAssure Technology –
Digital Data Management for
VERIFY Incubators for Assert SCBI


Get immediate access to critical compliance data for your Sterile Processing Department when you harness the power of ConnectAssure Technology. The software provides an essential conduit connecting results from your VERIFY Incubator for Assert SCBI directly to your facility tracking system.

  • Immediate access to centralized and complete sterilization records
  • Maximize productivity and make more informed reprocessing decisions through data analysis
  • Stay compliant and keep your equipment at peak performance with regular testing and maintenance reminders

No tracking system? No problem. ConnectAssure Technology offers an easy-to-use interface providing all the benefits for those without a facility tracking system.

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