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Celerity HP Incubator

  • Designed exclusively to incubate and read activated Celerity™ 20 HP Biological Indicators
  • Provides a final readout within 20 minutes
  • Audio and visual alarms for easy interpretation of results


The Celerity HP Incubator is a compact, tabletop incubator designed specifically for use with the Celerity 20 HP Biological Indicator (BI). The Celerity HP Incubator heats the activated Celerity 20 HP Biological Indicator to temperatures which promote the germination, metabolism, and subsequent detection of viable test organisms under evaluation.

How the Celerity HP Incubator Works

The Incubator is designed to detect the presence or absence of a fluorescent signal upon incubation of the Celerity 20 HP Biological Indicator. Once initiated, each sample well will independently monitor and determine the result for an individual Biological Indicator within 20 minutes.

The incubator may be connected to an optional printer to manage record keeping.

ConnectAssure Technology logoConnectAssure™ Technology – Digital Data Management for V-PRO maX 2 Sterilizers and Celerity 20 HP Biological Incubators


 Get immediate access to critical compliance data for your Sterile Processing Department when you harness the power of ConnectAssure Technology. The software provides an essential conduit connecting results from your V-PRO® maX 2 Sterilizer and Celerity™ HP 20 Biological Indicator Incubator directly to your facility tracking system.

  • Immediate access to centralized and complete sterilization records
  • Maximize productivity and make more informed reprocessing decisions through data analysis
  • Stay compliant and keep your equipment at peak performance with regular testing and maintenance reminders

No tracking system? No problem. ConnectAssure Technology offers an easy-to-use interface providing all the benefits for those without a facility tracking system.

Call us – Report an issue via a phone call at (855) 519-1955. If you leave a message, a new support ticket will automatically be created and escalated.

Email us – Contact us via email. A new support ticket will automatically be created and escalated. Please provide detail.

Login – Click here to access our ConnectAssure Support Portal. You can create or update a support ticket. You can also access our extensive Knowledge Base. ConnectAssure Support is available 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. The Toll-Free number can be called for After Hours and Weekend Emergencies. An emergency is defined as work stoppage due to application downtime where there is no workaround.

Other Celerity™ HP Products

Celerity™ 20 HP Biological Indicator

  • Provides a final read within 20 minutes of incubation
  • Easy to use and activate – no separate activator is required

Celerity™ 20 HP Challenge Pack

  • Qualification of V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilizers in less than three hours
  • Biological Indicator (BI) final read within 20 minutes of incubation

Sterilant & Sterility Assurance Products for VHP Sterilization

VAPROX® HC Sterliant

  • 59% Hydrogen Peroxide for maximum efficacy while remaining gentle on devices

VERIFY® HPU Chemical Indicator

  • Provides a fast and reliable indication of sterilant penetration for all V-PRO Sterilizers

VERIFY® Vaporized VH2O2 Process Indicator Adhesive Labels

  • Shows at a glance, through a visible change from magenta to yellow, that the item has been processed when affixed to sterilization wraps, trays or pouches

Vaporized VH2O2 Record Card®Verdoc

  • Use inside a load to allow for more comprehensive load or operator information to be recorded and then stored after the cycles

V-PRO Low Temperature Sterilization Systems

V-PRO® maX Low Temperature Sterilization System

  • Now 2X the load in only 28 minutes
  • 35 minute Flexible Cycle option for processing surgical flexible endoscopes
  • Low sensitivity to moisture
  • Plasma free process

V-PRO® 1 Plus Low Temperature Sterilization System

  • Now 2X the load in only 28 minutes
  • 28 minute Non Lumen Cycle
  • Two cycle options for more flexibility
  • 136L usable chamber volume

V-PRO® 1 Low Temperature Sterilization System

  • One cycle option for simplicity and smooth running of OR
  • Ideal for sterilizing heat and moisture sensitive medical devices
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