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Celerity 20 HP Challenge Pack

  • Qualification of V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilizers in less than four hours
  • Biological Indicator (BI) final read within 20 minutes of incubation
  • Tougher challenge than validated sterilization loads


Fast Forward

The Celerity 20 HP Challenge Pack provides confidence for initial use of your V-PRO Low Temperature Sterilization Systems after installation. With the Celerity 20 HP Challenge Pack, only three consecutive cycles (most challenging) need to be run in your V-PRO Sterilizer to qualify the sterilizer for use. This means your V-PRO Sterilizer can be qualified and put into use the same day.

How the Celerity 20 HP Challenge Pack Works

Each Celerity 20 HP Challenge Pack includes the fast read Celerity 20 HP Biological Indicator, a chemical indicator strip and a blue polyurethane foam sheet.

The self-contained BI reduces the risk of contamination and consequent false positives. Each BI vial is inoculated with Geobacillus stearothermophilus bacterial spores and contains a defined media within the vial cap. The vial cap label contains a process indicator for hydrogen peroxide which provides immediate confirmation of processing. Upon activation, the BI is incubated using the Celerity™ HP Incubator. A negative response provided by the incubator within 20 minutes indicates that the BI went through an acceptable sterilization process.

The chemical indicator strip is a Type 1 Process Indicator as defined in ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1. This indicator provides immediate proof of processing. A vivid color change from magenta to yellow indicates exposure to a hydrogen peroxide sterilization cycle occurred.

During sterilization, the sterilizer must remove air from the challenge pack, expose the pack to a sufficient quantity of hydrogen peroxide to overcome the absorption of hydrogen peroxide by the polyurethane foam sheet, and kill the bacterial spores within the self-contained biological indicator. The Celerity 20 HP Challenge Pack provides a challenge to sterilization equivalent to or greater than that achieved by the worst case sterilization load.

Why the Celerity 20 HP Challenge Pack?

Speed and Ease of Use

The Celerity 20 HP Challenge Pack speeds up the sterilization qualification process and the BI provides rapid results within 20 minutes of incubation.

Safety and Compliance

The Celerity 20 HP Challenge Pack helps you meet the requirements of AAMI ST58 Chemical sterilization and high-level disinfection in health care facilities.

Increased Productivity

The Celerity 20 HP Challenge Pack provides expedited and confident qualification of your V-PRO Sterilizers allowing you to use your V-PRO Sterilizer the same day after installation or service.

Celerity 20 HP Challenge Pack Validated Sterilizers and Qualification Cycles

V-PRO® s2 Low Temperature Sterilizer  Fast Cycle  19 minutes 

V-PRO® maX 2 Low Temperature Sterilizer

Fast Non Lumen Cycle

16 minutes

V-PRO® maX Low Temperature Sterilizer
V-PRO® 60 Low Temperature Sterilizer
V-PRO® 1 Plus Low Temperature Sterilizer

Non Lumen Cycle

28 minutes

V-PRO® 1 Low Temperature Sterilizer

Lumen Cycle

55 minutes

Other Celerity HP Products

Celerity 20 HP Biological Indicator

  • Provides a final read within 20 minutes of incubation
  • Easy to use and activate – no separate activator is required
  • For use with all V-PRO® Low Temperature Sterilization System models

Sterilant & Sterility Assurance Products for VHP Sterilization

VAPROX® HC Sterliant

  • 59% Hydrogen Peroxide for maximum efficacy while remaining gentle on devices

VERIFY® HPU Chemical Indicator

  • Provides a fast and reliable indication of sterilant penetration for all V-PRO Sterilizers

VERIFY® Vaporized VH2O2 Process Indicator Adhesive Labels

  • Shows at a glance, through a visible change from magenta to yellow, that the item has been processed when affixed to sterilization wraps, trays or pouches

Verdoc® Vaporized VH2O2 Record Card

  • Use inside a load to allow for more comprehensive load or operator information to be recorded and then stored after the cycles

V-PRO Low Temperature Sterilization Systems

V-PRO® maX Low Temperature Sterilization System

  • Now 2X the load in only 28 minutes
  • 35 minute Flexible Cycle option for processing surgical flexible endoscopes
  • Low sensitivity to moisture
  • Plasma free process

V-PRO® maX 2 Low Temperature Sterilization System

  • Max Cycle Speed + Max Load Capacity = Max Throughput
  • Quickly process 11 lbs. (5 Kg.) of non lumen devices

V-PRO® 60 Low Temperature Sterilization System

  • Newest addition to the V-PRO sterilizer family
  • Cart mounted or countertop sterilizer
  • Same trusted VHP technology

V-PRO® 1 Plus Low Temperature Sterilization System

  • 28 minute Non Lumen Cycle and 136L usable chamber volume
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