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Electrosurgery Equipment & Electrosurgical Products

Electrosurgical units (ESU) are key pieces of equipment in endoscopy suites. They create high frequency, alternating electric current that’s used for both cutting and coagulation during endoscopy procedures. STERIS offers a full line of electrosurgery equipment and accessories including the state-of-the-art gi4000 Electrosurgery Unit and compatible electrosurgery devices such as monopolar and argon probes as well as single-use connectors. Click below to learn more about our complete offering of electrosurgery products including capital equipment and related accessories.


Electrosurgical Devices

Gi4000 Electrosurgery Unit

gi4000 ElectroSurgery Unit

  • Designed specifically for flexible endoscopy with Argon, Monopolar, Bipolar and Lavage functions all in one, compact unit
  • Intuitive touch screen allows you to touch to select modalities and conduct thermal therapies with easy setup instructions on every screen
  • Offers microprocessor controlled outputs in every mode
  • Features an Argon beam that has robust arc length without sacrificing limited tissue depth
  • A ready-to-use, built in lavage pump with adjustable flow rates

Reusable Monoploar Active Cord

Reusable Monopolar Active Cord

  • Offers a safe and effective way to deliver monopolar current from an electrosurgical generator unit to electrosurgical accessories
  • 10 ft. in length and fits most 3mm tip accessories and electrosurgical generators that accept an 8mm Bovie Style Pin
  • Provides audible/tactile feedback when the cord is connected to the gi4000 electrosurgery unit and to STERIS electrosurgical devices

ArcSmart Argon Coagulation Probe

Arc Smart™ Argon Coagulation Probe

  • Offers quick ignition and a stable beam
  • Ideal stiffness for flexible endoscopic maneuvers, including side viewing scopes
  • Availability in multiple sizes and lengths

TouchSoft Coagulator monopolar probe

TouchSoft Coagulator® Monopolar Probe

  • Offers gentle, self-limiting results when paired with the TouchSoft® Coagulation output on the gi4000 electrosurgery unit or soft coagulation low voltage modes
  • Can be used with other standard coagulation modes
  • Cost-effective alternative for contact hemostasis and ablation
  • Compatible with all electrosurgery generators

Argon Gas Canisters

  • Our compact canisters hold 49 liters of compressed, 99.999% pure argon gas, and screw directly into the gi4000 electrosurgical unit.

GoCart Mobile Cart

GoCart Mobile Cart

  • Store and transport your gi4000 electrosurgical unit on the GoCart Mobile Cart, which has two storage baskets and roll-and-lock wheels.

ArConnect Argon Probe Connector

  • Our disposable, single-use connector attaches the ArC Smart™ argon coagulation probe to the gi4000 electrosurgical unit for argon coagulation procedures.
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