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Endoscopy Equipment

Endoscopy Equipment

STERIS offers full portfolios of innovation endoscopy equipment that improves patient care every day. These problem-solving solutions include a novel spray cryotherapy system, a state-of-the-art electrosurgery unit and accessories, CO2 insufflation systems as well as intraprocedural irrigation products.


truFreeze® Spray Cryotherapy System

Spray Cryotherapy allows for touch-free uniform thermal injury for consistent, controlled application of liquid nitrogen for multiple procedures or applications. Our truFreeze® Spray Cryotherapy System offers a differentiated and novel treatment for Barrett's esophagus, esophageal cancer, and airway diseases.


CO2 Insufflation

Using a CO2 insufflator system versus room air for gastrointestinal endoscopy is becoming standard practice. Not only does CO2 insufflation effectively distend the working area for better visibility and access to the inside lining of the digestive tract, it can also help minimize patient discomfort. Find endoscopic insufflators, insufflation systems, tubing sets, and accessories for your suite from STERIS.


Electrosurgical Unit and Equipment

Electrosurgical units are key equipment in endoscopy suites. They create high-frequency, alternating electric current that’s used for both cutting and coagulation during endoscopy procedures. STERIS offers a full line of solutions for electrosurgery. This includes the gi4000 electrosurgical unit (ESU), argon and monopolar probes, and complementary accessories.

Torrent Irrigation Pump

Torrent® Irrigation Pump

Our full line of irrigation solutions now includes the Torrent irrigation pump - designed to provide consistent flow rates during endoscope procedures when used in conjunction with the Torrent® irrigation tubing and Torrent® scope connector.