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BioShield Biopsy Valves and Irrigation Accessories

Our full line of BioShield® biopsy valves and accessories are single-use, offering protection from cross-contamination for patients.


BioShield Biopsy Valve

Single-use valves promote patient safety and support infection control guidelines. Small valve size. Design promotes device passage offer exceptional functionality during usage.


BioShield Irrigating Adaptor

For use with BioShield® biopsy valves, this adaptor maximizes direct, intraprocedural irrigation.

BioShield Irrigator

BioShield Irrigator

The BioShield® irrigator affords immediate, direct, intraprocedural irrigation. Simply attach a 60cc syringe to the irrigation line, or use extension tubing to connect with your water pump for hands-free, foot pedal control.


BioShield Water Pump Extension Tubing

Extension tubing to complement the BioShield® irrigator and the BioVac® direct suction device for hands-free foot pedal control.